YouTube has removed four of the Russian propaganda channel. The Russian foreign Ministry said on discrimination

May 20, the YouTube has blocked the channels of three Russian media propaganda: publications of Anna-News and News Front, and also TV channel “Crimea 24”.

On the website Anna-News said that YouTube blocked two channel edition – “the main news”. Hosting indicated the reason “violation of the terms of use of YouTube.” In Anna-News was outraged that the specific reason of blocking them are not named.

Head edition News Front Konstantin Knyrik wrote in the Telegram that YouTube deleted the channel “without claim”. According to Knyrik, the channel had more than 450 million subscribers, some videos – 1-5 million views.

“The channel had this morning no warning about violation of the rules of the community,” said Knyrik and urged Roskomnadzor “to stop the chaos YouTube”.

General producer of TV channel “Crimea 24” Oleg Kryuchkov said “RIA Novosti”that YouTube has blocked their account “without a clear reason and warning.” On the channel’s website saidthat the newspaper filed an appeal, but YouTube refused to restore the account “in accordance with the community guidelines and terms of use”.

Hooks did not rule out that the editors will submit on YouTube to court. The channel was 30 thousand subscribers.

Вместо каналов российских пропагандистских СМИ сейчас появляется такое сообщение. Скриншот: youtube.comInstead of channels of Russian propaganda media now this message appears. Screenshot:

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