Yamaha showed a concept of innovative water actuator for motorcycles

In 2016, the Yamaha became the sponsor of the graduation project, which eventually evolved into the concept of a motorcycle with an innovative drive. It is based on water or similar liquid. Fresh rumors indicate towards the development of a functional prototype. Confirmation or denial is not followed, therefore, should focus on the technology itself.

The main idea is to use instead of the cumbersome and outdated chain drive thin tube with water, which with the help of the impeller will rotate the driving wheel. Water is driven by an electric pump, circulates on a vicious circle and actually is the working fluid in the system. It can be replaced by any suitable liquid so it’s more accurate to call the system “liquid drive”.

In 2018 the Australian company Ferox already introduced similar technology Azaris, the efficiency of which was an impressive 98 %. The engineers were proud of the actuator that can transmit torque with instant reaction was compatible with different types of motors. In addition, a water wheel for propulsion of the wheel is 60 percent lighter electric analogue that allows to make it much further from the centre.

Alas, the weaknesses have hydraulic systems. The same Ferox quickly enough left in the shade after a fabulous presentation of their development. It is hoped that Yamaha has managed to solve most of the problems of the new technology and really be able to create a prototype of the bike with fluid drive.

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