Yamaha has released Civante – speed electric bike is all third class

Yamaha in 1993, it became the first who started to mass-produce electric bicycles. Her success in this field no doubt, and recently the company introduced a new model called Civante. Its main advantage is that it is the first electric bike brand third class.

Most of the components manufactured at the facilities of the company, allowing, for example, to hide cables and cables inside the aluminum frame. Don’t forget about the holes for mounting fenders, racks and cargo racks. Li-ion battery 500 WH too private, it’s removable and is charged up to 80 % per hour. When driving there are four levels of power and torque up to 70 Nm. As this is a third class, the speed of the electric motor is 45 km/h, but the pedals are still there.

Three-component sensory system measures the speed, torque and frequency of rotation of the drive wheel to produce optimum power consumption mode. You may control it through LCD display with Bluetooth, and when working in manual mode, 10 speed, hydraulic brakes, Shimano STI, led lamp. The bike is fitted with tyres with puncture protection.

On sale Yamaha Civante will arrive later this month. The expected price of $3400.

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