Yadav pass to Ronaldo, the departure of Gomez and replace sulser

Top of the League is getting closer and closer to the finish line, and more and more tables become final. After Bayern won the championship and Liverpool, and at the weekend, of course, also not without achievements.

Increase the weekend

At the weekend, ended the regular season in the Bundesliga, and if the transition matches and the Cup final still to come, it directly increased the team known now. Along with the “Arminius” of Bielefeld the elite rose the famous “Stuttgart”: five-time German champion, three-time Cup winner.

We need to recognize that and place in the Bundesliga, the Swabians earned a roster in which famous players was bigger than some of the fighters for the Eurozone. Mario Gomez with his 31st goal of the stuff is not enough to enter the top ten of the most productive players in the team’s history of Germany; Holger Badstuber has long been considered the most promising defender of the generation and if not for injury would have played for Bayern so far; Gonzalo Castro has played more than 350 matches in the Bundesliga and helped the team return.

Interestingly, returned to Stuttgart in elite Pellegrino Mataratstso – italoamericano Manager that season 19/20 was the first in his professional career. The last match of the season was Swabians lost, but the result of the other match (“Heidenheim” played with “Arminius” and also lost) has allowed the legendary club not to fall into the zone of transition matches. Mario Gomez scored the only goal for Stuttgart in the match, celebrated a rise with the fans… and said resignation.

“I was confident early in the season that we will povesilsya in the class. So I decided that this will be my last year in Stuttgart, Germany and, possibly, as a player,” said SuperMario. Very sorry that Gomez we did not see in the elite, but he understands better than anyone the capabilities of your body. Still, even at the level of the second Bundesliga former Germany striker has scored fewer goals than spent matches on the bench (7 vs 17).

Our guys weekend

Alas, this time the Ukrainians in the top leagues to brag especially nothing. Alexander Zinchenko during Cup match man city with Newcastle sitting on the bench while he played Benjamin Mendy – and here is Ruslan Malinovsky, on the contrary, for the first time appeared in the starting lineup, but revealed nothing more significant warning, which will miss the next round. Of his three shots on target was not none, of the thirty-five his exact gear is really exacerbating game either.

By the way, in the game Atalanta against Udinese was demonstrated and the main substitute appearance throughout the weekend. Luis Muriel, one of the leading scorers of the team, started the match on the bench, came when the score was 1:1 and fired a shot. And this, of course, more proof that the system Gasperini “spare” does not equal “not needed” or “not acceptable”. Malinowski in the season repeatedly blew the game, appearing on the replacement – and it also would be useful to go against tired opponents, but not in the start.

Evgeny Shakhov was released in the starting lineup, Lecce and played a crucial role… for the League title with Juventus. Juventus, of course, pressed for modest outsider, but he lasted the entire first half and a bit more. However, shortly after the break, the Ukrainian worked in the defense that gave the ball exactly on Ronaldo. Goldenboy with Debaloy finished the time up and scored the first goal and ended the game with the score 4:0.

Comeback of the weekend

At “Intera” not really going after quarantine: the team flew out of the Cup, failed at home to beat “Sassuolo” and had to lose “Parma”. Still ten minutes before the end of the Nerazzurri lost at the stadium “Ennio Tardini”, but goals in the 84th and 87th minute earned them three points in the piggy Bank.

However, the problems in the team Conte is obvious. The team plays as if in chains, with the strongest composition suffers from openly communicating rivals. The work style of the coach is based not just on physical strength, and apparently, the same suspension of the championship has hit his team harder than Guardiola’s side or contingent Surrey. The question now is whether to continue the trust Antonio from the leadership, in particular, will take into account its opinion during the summer transfer window.

Record of the weekend

Thomas Muller broke the record of Kevin de Bruyne by the number of assists for the season in the top League. The Belgian scored twenty assists in a single season for Wolfsburg, five years ago, but the legend of Bayern in the last match of the championship made the twenty-first.

Exactly the way this record came out for Thomas strange. All fall he spent on the bench, did not fit into the scheme Kovacs – and yet, in the moments of occurrences to replace is still up a goal. After the appointment of the flick Muller turned on the turbo mode and become the x-factor, which “Bavaria” has not left chances to competitors.

Historical achievement of the weekend

In England at the weekend were held in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. Nothing extraordinary, they are not presented, all four favourites won by the underdog – but check out the “MU” in Norridge gave the story.

Few people know, but podkarantinnoy norms are allowed to make five substitutions in League games, but six in playoff games, which stretched to overtime. And who, if not OLE Gunnar Sulsher, who himself as a player famous for the replacements, was destined to rewrite history?

Manchester United started the game with reserve team, has not lost in regulation time only because of misses where the group and Buendia – and in the process has reinforced and strengthened the composition. Rashford instead of Lingard, Pogba is Fred, martial, instead of Bailly, MATIC is Makemine, Williams is Given and Greenwood instead of the Mats – the rich have their quirks, but somehow the red devils thanks to these changes managed to bring the match to win.

Goal of the weekend

Last week we told you about the heavy fate of Bruno Soriano, who returned to football after three years of treatment. So it was that in the “Villarreal”, even going traumatic the players: Sergio Asenjo, who four times (!) tore knee ligaments; Santi Cazorla, with respect to which seriously raised the question whether he will be able to walk, what to play, and the previously mentioned Bruno.

At the weekend, “Villarreal” took “Valencia”. Participant of the Champions League in the current season of “submarine” removed without noise and dust, not allowing any real chances to score and creating a lot of chances at his gate. All the questions in the match off a goal after two miracle gear: the first gave Asenjo, second Cazorla.

The words “problem player” is accepted to call people who are not friends with the regime, but if it is still possible to influence from the outside, the trauma of the player – almost a cross that he carries. “Villarreal” in his time trust different Chronicles: the Asenjo, which due to injuries refused “Atletiko” and “Malaga”; Cazorla, who emery was not allowed to go through the pre – season to the extent written off for scrap, Bruno, who is back by football standards from the world – all these players “submarine” is not sheathed, but supported and nurtured.

Probably, for that alone she deserves to be back in the Champions League.


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