Wrong turn. What happened to Ferrari and why not wait for improvements

Ferrari can’t win the title in 2008, but recent developments show that the situation is unlikely to improve in the near future. While a year ago it was very optimistic. It all started last summer, when Ferrari suddenly appeared the most powerful among the competitors motor. Even the engine of the Mercedes, which was the benchmark in 2014, began to lose the Ferrari on the straights for 0.5 seconds. It did not help the Scuderia to fight for the title, but Charles Leclere after the summer break on high-speed tracks in Belgium and Italy scored for team two wins thanks to the power of the motor.

This increase of speed has surprised the competitors who filed an official protest, trying to figure out the secret and understand, not cheating if the opponent. In the end, the FIA, which examines similar issues, delivered its verdict in 2020 before the start of pre-season testing. And the position of the FIA angered team f-1: Ferrari was signed a secret agreement, and the team has committed to help eliminate such misunderstandings in the future. And no punishment was incurred.

In General, no one did not understand, did Ferrari illegal engine, but the FIA still made changes to the rules and installed additional sensors on the fuel consumption. According to rumors, this was the reason “cheating” Ferrari.


Anyway, the new season of the Scuderia came in with literally the worst engine in the championship. In qualifying for the first race of the season in Austria on a fast track pilot Ferrari Charles LeClair in qualifying, a lap almost a second slower than his pole position result in 2019. And it cannot be attributed to a failed concept of the machine itself, as they say in the team. Lost in speed and red cars, and all teams buying the Italian power – plant- Haas and Alfa Romeo. The pilots of these teams does not hide his disappointment the falling power of the motor. A year ago, Ferrari had the best engine, now it is second and Mercedes, and Honda, and Renault.

Add to this the unfortunate aerodynamic concept of the machine. Even after the pre-season tests the team recognized that had built a bad car and it needs to change, however, began quarantine, when teams were allowed to work on the car and the engine, so any changes to the Scuderia trying to make on the go. Without exaggeration, now Ferrari has only 5-6 speed car, and about the fight with Mercedes and Red bull, you can forget. Unfortunately for fans of the legendary team, the dire situation can last for a long time.


The cause is a coronavirus crisis, forcing f-1 to step up spending cuts. The first step was the ceiling on costs is to be introduced in 2021, which will not allow Ferrari to spend as much money as you want. Second and even more important – restrictions on the updates of the engine. Season 2020 all teams must finish with the same specifications of the motor with which they started it. No improvements, no significant improvements. Before the start of the season-2021 will be able to construct a new motor, and over the years to hold one major upgrade. Still only one major upgrade will be resolved in 2022, and then the engines are fully “freeze” in 2023 and 2024.

The team is not hiding the complexity of the situation.

“After three races of the season it is obvious that we are in worse shape than expected. You need to react without delay. The whole project should be reviewed, but will take into account all the constraints caused by the financial crisis and limits. All this will take time quickly, nothing to do,” said the boss of Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto.

And it turns out that Ferrari remains very little time and opportunity to rectify the situation. On all sides is running out, financial constraints, and the team will be difficult and motor to improve, and the car tidy. While we have to compete not only with Mercedes and Red bull. The spending limit ($145 million per team per year) will help teams like McLaren and racing point to impose more active in the fight, not to mention Renault with factory power.

The result is a situation where in the next 1-2 years Ferrari is likely to remain banal middle. Need or motor to improve or to spend resources on improving the car – all together, had neither the time nor Finance. But the main competitors have become not Red bull and Mercedes, and McLaren, Renault and racing point, which a year ago, and dreamed to fight with Ferrari.

Before 2022, when it will come into force the new technical regulations, improvements should not wait. And this is not a forecast of the fans or experts. So says the head of the Ferrari John Elkann.

“The truth is that now the car Ferrari cannot compete. You’ve seen it before and will see again. Victories can be expected. We are laying the Foundation for the season 2022, when the new technical regulations”.

“Then Ferrari expects to become competitive and fight for victory.”

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