“World war II began in 1939”. The United States urged Russia to stop the falsification of history

U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe James Gilmore in the course of a virtual meeting of the OSCE permanent Council on 7 may called on Russia to cease falsifying the history of the Second world war. The text of the speech of a diplomat published on the website of the U.S. mission to the OSCE.

“We call on Russia to stop glorifying yourself based on deliberate distortion of history. We stand in solidarity with our European partners, [which are] against the falsification of history of Russia,” said Gilmore.

He noted that “although the military and civilian population of the Soviet Union went to great sacrifices to defeat the Nazis,” we must not forget, when the Second world war.

“It started in 1939, whenthe Soviet leader Joseph] Stalin and [the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf] Hitler signed a Pact, which divided Eastern Europe into zones controlled by the Soviet Union and the Nazis. I’m sure our Polish friends today have not forgotten that fact even for a second,” – said the diplomat.

Gilmore said dLa many European countries 1945 was the year of no return to freedom and the beginning of nearly 50 years of oppression of the Soviet Union.

“Remembering the history of the Second world war, we can’t forget that for many of the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe of Nazi oppression was replaced by the Communist repression. All the benefits and opportunities that gives freedom, and that Western Europe was celebrated in 1945, came to him only in 1989, 1990 or later… the Way to true deliverance was long and in some cases, companies still go for it”, – concluded the diplomat.

On 23 August 1939 Germany and the USSR agreed to divide the spheres of influence in Eastern Europe and signed a nonaggression Pact. The document known as the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact, after the names of the Ministers of foreign Affairs of the USSR and Germany, which put under it the signature. A week after the signing of the Pact, Germany invaded Poland, marking the beginning of the Second world war. The war ended on 2 September 1945 the surrender of Japan.

In 1941, Germany and allies, contrary to the agreement, attacked the USSR. The period from 22 June 1941 to 9 may 1945 in the Russian historiography called the great Patriotic war.

In Russia claim that the Soviet Union “was never an ally of Nazi Germany” and that he was forced to sign a non-aggression Pact. The Russian foreign Ministry in 2019, saidthat the move allowed the Soviet Union to delay the start of the war nearly two years and strengthen the country’s defense, “was thereby saved hundreds of thousands of lives.”

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