World quarantine changed seismic activity of our planet

Flash Covid-19 and related countermeasures is not like anything we have ever experienced. And in this extremely difficult time the scientists-seismologists at the Royal Observatory of Belgium opened a highly interesting and unusual natural effect. Since then, various countries introduced measures of isolation of the population, in the world there is a noticeable decrease in the level of seismic noise in the earth’s crust.

In Brussels, where the data was obtained, the seismometers measured the levels of vibration caused by moving vehicles and industrial equipment. It turned out that he fell by about a third. Because of this, scientific equipment have the opportunity to determine the presence of mild earthquakes and other seismic phenomena deep in the earth’s mantle. Thomas Lecoq, a seismologist from the Royal Observatory of Belgium, shared that jumps in the sensitivity of devices of this kind previously observed only for Christmas.

However, in some regions the impact of quarantine may be less pronounced. Emily Wolin, a researcher from the U.S. Geological survey in Albuquerque, new Mexico, explains that some stations monitoring seismic activity specially situated away from busy cities, to minimize interference from human activities. But such stations to keep unprofitable, so their number is small and, most likely, will be reduced.

The level of seismic noise in Belgium before and after quarantine

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