Wladimir Klitschko said, when he first refused to fight against his brother

The legendary Ukrainian boxer weight Vladimir Klitschko said, when for the first time in his professional career he refused to fight his brother, “eternal” world champion by the WBC, the current mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko.

According to Vladimir, it happened during his performances for the German Boxing club in Flensburg.

“The club organized two friendly matches against the national team of Ukraine, which was made by Vitaly. Countrymen arrived from Kiev by bus, and we all went together on the train in the direction of the North sea. The coach talked about the course of events and enrolled me in the club Flensburg, and Vitaliy – in the national team as the opponent in my weight.

But this could not be considered. We promised mom never to fight against each other. And kept the word. We would never it went. And although the coach together with the sponsor tried to convince us, they failed.

“This is just exhibition fight,” they said. Even in exhibition fights we will not raise our fists at each other, we answered. “You just need to pretend” — insisted they. But we didn’t. “Then we’ll fool the audience.” Fortunately, they have put up W our decision and put us on fights with easier opponents,” wrote Vladimir in his book “Management challenges: how to apply sports strategy in life and business”.

VIDEO. Age is just a number. Klitschko, Holyfield prepares to return

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