Wife Fonseca: “Before I met Paulo was the head of the press service of Akhmetov”

Katerina Ostroushko – wife of the former coach Paulo Fonseca, who currently works with as Roma, told Italian newspaper Il Tempo about how moved their families to Rome, and also shared some details of family life with the Portuguese.

– Transfer to Rome – it was a choice of fate. We decided together it was difficult, but I believed that this move will make us happier, and I still think so. If I have to leave Ukraine, I said to myself, that Rome perfect. In Ukraine, we were happy. Paulo has achieved success, I had a job I loved, and my whole family was there. But I felt that my husband was ready for a new challenge. When the call from Roma, our son barely born, and we moved. I don’t even have time to empty the box.

– Today you live in Monteverde: you opted for this place?
It was the house that chose us: charming old Villa at the edge of a large Park, with its history. It is a quiet and peaceful place; when the gate is closed behind us, it seems that the whole world disappears. The garden is full of flowers and plants, I often collect the roses to make bouquets, and then put on the table. My husband teases me, he says it’s my meditation. Who knows, maybe he’s right.

– Were you ever in Rome?
– Yes, I first visited the city in 2018, when Shakhtar played against Roma in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. It is easy to imagine that I was rooting for the Roman team (laughs). But I fell in love with the city at first sight. A few months later we came back here on a short vacation, and we were no longer alone, we were expecting Martin. Our son visited Rome before his birth.

– How did you survive the quarantine?
In such a difficult moment this may sound selfish, but I have to admit that this is the time that we spent at home together was a huge gift. I used to see Paulo’s away a lot and I have to wait for it several days. We never could even before Breakfast without the rush. It was nice to get time to be with each other and with our son. Every day we practiced in the garden, and even cooking and cleaning at home seemed a privilege.

– How do you spend your days?
My son is the best company: we play, read, swim, explore the world. This is all new to him. Before the quarantine, we took a long walk around the city along with SP. Now we miss your favorite places in Rome.

– What was your first year as a mother?
Martin literally turned our lives upside down, we survived all the sleepless nights, tears, fatigue. But when I think about it, I’m smiling because Paulo was always there for me. He’s not just helping me, it really shares all with me. He has two children, he’s the perfect father. Martin is crazy about him, sometimes I even envy! You should see how he runs to the door when he hears that Paulo is coming home.

– Moving to Rome changed your career plans?
– Fully. I was only 25 years old when I joined the Board of the largest in my country, media group “Ukraine”. When I met Paulo in 2017, I was the head of the press service of Rinat Akhmetov for two years. I liked my job, but I think it’s important to be open to change. In the past I also led a TV show, but since I left, I happily lived in Autonomous mode. For example, an account in Instagram, I just kept for six months.

– However, you seem like a very fashionable couple.
– We like to have a “paired style” even when you go to the supermarket. The secret is that he never worn before, I will choose your outfit. Even if I change a few times. I’m not a hostage to fashion, but I love beautiful clothes. My philosophy – less, but better. Paulo is the most elegant man I know, he’s got impeccable taste and he loves beautiful shoes.

– Tell us how you survived the catastrophe that befell Ukraine in 2014.
– It was a tragedy. Thousands of people have lost loved ones and their homes during the war in the Donbass. Many had to start all over again, and my family was no exception. I heard the bombs explode behind me. Nothing is more frustrating. I went back to Donetsk, where he spent five years of his childhood and most of adult life. I love my country and the world are waiting for it, along with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians.

– Where do you see yourself in ten years?
– This is a complex issue. Life has taught me not to plan anything, as things can change literally by the hour. I have no idea where I’ll even through a couple of years, but I do know someone: my husband, our children, our loved ones. I see myself a happy woman, no matter what I do, whether it’s a TV show or taking care of my roses.

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