Why Barcelona fell. The problem is not exactly in Setline

Barcelona played a draw with club atlético de Madrid – 2:2. This is the third draw for defending champion Spain in the last four rounds. From a strategic advantage over real Madrid in the title race and left no trace. And it’s not just about losing the important points standing “bars” of leadership, how about the inability of the team to demonstrate leadership game.

In this regard, the Spanish media excitedly announce the imminent resignation of the head coach “blaugranas” kike of Selena. And relish the details of another “tension” in the Barcelona dressing room, where the leading players allegedly expressed dissatisfaction with the coaching methods of Selena. The fact that the misunderstanding between the current coach of Barca and of his charges there, for anybody not a secret. These roughness in relations with subordinates accompany Selena almost from the first days at the camp Nou. So such revelations like “do not ask me about the match, you’d better let the coach tell me why won” is no surprise. Possible, perhaps, to gloat that the Madrid press and makes with undisguised pleasure.

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However, if you try to understand the situation without sympathy to club colours, in fact, no dislikes, too, need to recognize that the problem of the current “Barcelona” is not Selene. That is, not in person coach. The problem is the choice of the correct choice. Or wrongness. And the ability to manage the club’s edifice. Or the inability.


Setian headed Barcelona in January. Headed unexpectedly, even for himself. According to him, yesterday he was still watching the grazing in the village cows, and today has become the chief coach of “more than a club”. Candidate kike was not initially a priority for Bartomeu. Xavi, Koeman, Allegri and many more experts would be preferable in place of the current steering Barca. But these and many other different reasons to engage failed. And not just because they didn’t want, but also due to the fact that I didn’t want to stay in the shadow of his mentor, the club President. Therefore, it was necessary to look into “the last romantic”. Although why Setien “the last romantic”? Well, that’s why? He won in his career absolutely nothing. His Betis did not differ nothing special and no need to deceive yourself. Yes, the team tried to control the ball, made good use of the pressure, but all this and more was converted last season only in tenth place. Betis of Selena very strained transition from defence to attack, from own half to someone else. Control of the ball constantly remained at a high level, but it was control for control, because the team often struggled against the defensive lines of opponents, which take place kike never taught their wards Seville.

Not taught this difficult craft and to a new job. However, nothing has changed: just the names of the teams and the methods remained the same. The ball control for the sake of control, that’s all. “Tiki-Taka” in its worst interpretation. For conditional victory over Mallorca, which splits from one kind of Messi and such a tool is enough, but with a more serious contenders such as “Seville” or “Atletico”, this is clearly not enough. In addition, Setien, unlike Valverde, completely freed Messi from pressure, from treatment for protection. As it is, anyway, minus one player in the initial phase of the attack. And in the final phase of defense.

Wait, that Setien will change, become more flexible and wiser, is hardly appropriate. Waited two years for a similar transformation, from Valverde. Waited, never came. Because I couldn’t wait for the simple reason that the ceiling Ernesto was very low. “Ant” at the camp Nou and went on to build an improved version of “Athletics”. The same is now doing his successor, building the improved version of real Betis. Why blame him, what to take with him?

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Here is a review of Selena after the game against atlético: “I’m quite happy with the team. Sometimes we have good enough possession of the ball. It’s difficult to play against such a disciplined team. I am pleased with how he worked the players and the game plan”. This is the whole of Setien. It is almost all happy, he feels tension, he has a plan. He’s actually really good. Even excellent. Such a “variant” of Alexei Mikhailichenko, the current “crisis Manager” Kiev “Dynamo”. With all due respect to these two persons, to jump above a certain mark they can’t. Because. But by chance, and the steering “finger” got to where it was. For them, it’s a smile of Fortune, for others an expression of Providence.


What to do and who is to blame? Simpatica “leopards” in this situation, you just need to be patient and to accept as a given the current state of Affairs. Even the most expensive team in the world can play simply by intuition or magic left her genius. I do not believe that millionaires and big talents don’t need a coach. Yes, you do. Proven more than once. In the same “leopard”. But in the current Barca everything is up for grabs. Bartomeu too busy hunting for witches and the preservation of power, Messi is more prone to Samodian on the football Olympus and Setien just kicks from the fact that his dream has come true. In this command, now everyone solves their local problem, and fold these mini-tasks into a single puzzle is not possible.

It seems not idle, and could live, but that’s just real life, real sparks in this “Barcelona” no. The result – there is no championship game. Frankly, it would be unfair if Barca this season, will be able to get to gold awards. Didn’t deserve it. There are no prerequisites. No idea, no coach. And in this case, nazivaemoye of the championship plus the existing failure in the Spanish Cup, and real failure in the Champions League seems to be as it should finally change this vicious circle of Barcelona. The team needs a new coach, we need a serious change of orientation, and even more serious purge, because that’s it, and already sees a change of generations. And the new President is also required, although this will have to wait at least until next summer.

Only now, I’m afraid, even in the case of total failure in the current season, the current leadership of “blaugranas” may again turn its gaze towards the next “the last romantic”. Or a man with a “heart of Barcelona”. Because this guide is very convenient to catch in a net full of holes the air. And to boast of its importance in the background of “treneris” whose dreams came true already in the time of the presentation at the camp Nou.

I say that a vicious circle…

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