Who took the example of Stina Nilsson? Six of the most striking cross-country skiers in biathlon

Every year the number of biathlon fans increases, and next season will be no exception. At least, many fans of the Swedish skier Steen Nilsson will continue to monitor the first steps of his beloved athletes in new to her sport.

Nilsson only 26, she could speak at the next two Olympics. In the previous two Stina won five medals, including gold in the individual classic sprint in Pyeongchang-2018. Its transition to biathlon for sure will strengthen the Swedish team.

By the way, it is not the first Swedish girl who moved to biathlon, achieving success in ski racing. We offer to your attention six of the most striking ex-skiers in biathlon version Sport.ua:

Magdalena FORSBERG, Sweden

This Swede is one of the best biathletes in history, but the rifle she’d first taken up only in 1993, at the age of 26 years. In ski racing Forsberg showed great promise, but the biggest successes were two bronze at the Junior world Championships and third place in the adult world championship in the relay. Not bad, but not enough to write his name in history, so I had to change the sport.

In the 1994/95 season, Forsberg became part of the Swedish national team in biathlon, and already on the fourth stage of the world Cup first victory, becoming the best at the end of the sprint in Ruhpolding. Until the end of the debut season Forsberg never was on the podium, but was regularly in the “colors”.

Hardly anyone could have imagined that two years later Magdalena uncompromising will begin to dominate the biathlon. In the period from 1997 to 2002 it six times in a row won the overall world Cup standings, which is a record. After Forsberg ended his career, anybody and close could not catch up with her. Before last season nobody has been able to win even two of the Big crystal globe in a row, until it did Dorothea wierer.

Successfully Forsberg was at the world Championships, where he won 12 medals, half of which were gold. That’s only with the Olympic games did not happen. In 2002, his last season, the Swede was brought from salt lake city two bronze awards for the sprint and individual races. Olympic gold Magdalena did not submit.

Anna Carin OLOFSSON-ZIDEK of Sweden

Anna Carin Olofsson from early childhood was skiing. But in ski racing it’s main success was winning the Euro Cup. At the Olympics, world Championships and show good results the Swede was not possible, so after the Games in salt lake city, Anna moved to biathlon.

To qualify for the national team of Sweden biathlon was much easier than skiing. We can say that she took the vacant seat after the departure of Magdalena Forsberg. To win the Big crystal globe, she never failed, in contrast to Forsberg, but there is in the Treasury of Anna the medals that can rival even the legendary Magdalene.

At the 2006 Olympic games in Turin Olofsson won a silver medal in the sprint and gold in the mass start. The success was not a sensation, because at the Olympics she was riding in as the current Vice-champion of the world. Olympic gold in the race with a mass start allowed Anna to go down in history as the first ever champion in this discipline, because of the mass start included in the program of Games only in 2006. The Olympic season she finished in second place overall, behind only Germany’s Kati Wilhelm.

Anna Carin Olofsson had retired at the end of the 2010/11 season, at the age of almost 38 years. She still holds the record of oldest winner personal race in the women’s biathlon. The Swede won the individual race at my home race in östersund in 37 years, 8 months and 1 day. Medal in her kitty six world Championships medals and two Small crystal globes. His biathlon career Anna can certainly be proud of.

Miriam GOSSNER (of NEUREUTER), Germany

High-speed German moved to biathlon in 2009, at the age of 19 years. However, she did it in the status of Vice-world champion in ski race in the relay. With the speed at Miri was not a problem, but to cope with fire it was possible only very rarely. This was the stumbling block, which did not allow her to the biathlon team for the Olympic games-2010 in Vancouver.

But Gessner was not discouraged, he returned to ski racing and won the Olympic silver medal in the relay. After a career of Magdalena Neuner, Miri saw a new leader of the team, and the season 2012/13 she played at a very high level. The German scored three individual victories, a lot of prizes, and as a result – ninth place in the overall standings of the world Cup. In the same season, gössner took part in the world championship in skiing, where he took fourth place in race on 10 km free style, losing to bronze medalist, only half a second.

Everyone was waiting for her further progress and an Olympic medal in biathlon, but as a biathlete at the Olympic games her to go never failed. Prevented the back injury after falling off his bike in the offseason. After recovery to regain form Miri and failed. She has won several victories in races of the IBU Cup, a couple of times on the podium of the world Cup, including one personal. But after a disastrous season 2016/17 announced that it will soon become a mother.

Miri had planned to return to the sport, but long delayed his return, and in September of 2019 I realized that in life there are more important stuff and announced the completion of a career.

Evy, sachenbacher-Steele, Germany

It often happens that the skier cross to biathlon at a young age, when a whole career ahead of him. German, Evy, sachenbacher-Steele became the exception, because she was 32 years old. In ski racing, she won five medals at the Olympic games: two gold and three silver. Also won six medals at the world Championships. In General, I won everything I could dream of. But decided later in his career to hit the biathlon.

Oddly enough, to shoot she learned immediately. Of course, the accuracy of 75-77% is hardly a good indicator, but at the same Gesser throughout his career figures were worse. In his debut season 2012/13 Evie won the women’s relay at the pre-Olympic week in Sochi, and in the next season along with his team triumphale more on the world Cup stage in Ruhpolding.

But remember, Sachenbacher athletes cool performances and the doping scandal. After the end of the race with a mass start at the Olympic games in Sochi Evie had taken the doping test which showed the presence of prohibited drugs. The German was suspended from the sport for two years, and after his 34th birthday, she announced retirement.

Kaisa mäkäräinen, Finland

Finnish missile in ski racing impressive success achieved, but to get her side of the story is impermissible. Kaisa moved to biathlon only 20 years of age, 16 years later after the first time was on skis. Speed on the track Kaisa fully compensated for shortcomings in accuracy, and quickly made it to the team Finland. But the first serious success came not at once.

The first eight years of biathlon career were no signs of great triumphs, but after the 28th birthday, everything changed. Post-Olympic season 2010/11 was marked by the occurrence of Kaisa in the world biathlon elite. She managed to dramatically improve shooting performance (85,2% closed targets), to become even faster on the track, and as a result, to win the first Big crystal globe.

During his career, Gabriela has won 27 world Cup races, even 60 times were in the top three. Won 3 Large and 5 Small crystal globes, and got 5 medals at the world Championships. In 37 years the Finnish rocket won everything except an Olympic medal. But the lack of the last paragraph did not prevent her from becoming a legend. She retired at the end of last season 2019/20.

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Denise HERRMANN, Germany

But this 31-year-old German still speaks, and probably its main achievements ahead. Began her career as a skier Denise Herrmann in 2009. Was a teammate Evy, sachenbacher-Steele and Miriam gössner, the latter even managed to catch the biathlon track. Now able to fight again to do with Stina Nilsson, but in a different sport.

In ski racing Herrmann stood on the podium in the individual races six times. Most successfully competed in the sprint disciplines, in the 2013/14 season took the second place in the sprint world Cup standings. But personal medal of the Olympic games and not won, but became the bronze medalist of Sochi-2014 in the relay.

At the end of the 2015/16 season decided to switch from skiing to biathlon. In his debut season with the team of Germany won the women’s relay at preolimpico week in Pyeongchang, but a year later at the Olympics was left without a medal. The best performance at the Games in South Korea became the sixth place in the pursuit.

The last two seasons, Herrmann continues to progress in all components. Last season she managed to win the individual race on the world Cup stage in Pokljuka, and she did it with perfect shooting. In addition to many successes on the world Cup, has been held five world Championships medals, including individual gold. Fans Denise are sure that at the Olympic games in 2022 it will be able to make a splash.


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