Who stopped the research of several drugs against COVID-19

The world health organization (who) announced the termination of clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine and the combination of lopinavir/ritonavir in the treatment of coronavirus infection. The decision was made in accordance with the recommendation of the international coordinating Committee of the so-called studies of solidarity, which is devoted to the study of experimental methods of treatment COVID-19, reported on the who website.

According to the conclusion of the coordinating Committee, the use of hydroxychloroquine or a combination of lopinavir/ritonavir compared with standard therapy actually reduces mortality among hospitalized patients with COVID-19 patients. This conclusion was made based on the available data of clinical trials data treatment methods.

In addition, several studies revealed problems of security, which also affirmed the need to end further studies of hydroxychloroquine and the combination of lopinavir/ritonavir.

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