Who is the first room Р4Р right now?

The first number one pound-for-pound – debated topic, often subjective result. Even trying to assess the level of Boxing, victory, the level of competition and trophies, to be objective is impossible. As to imagine what “out of weight class”.

Theoretically, this means that the first number of the rating would also be nice and lightweight, and supertech, but how to actually present Lomachenko heavyweight? A Wilder in the lung? That’s it.

Today we will try to play in Boxrec – Boxing main website statistics, whose computer ratings is based on a mathematical model. The system is complicated to explain in a few words, but when everything is reduced to elementary – defeat an opponent who is high enough in the Boxrec rankings, gaining more points and climbing the table. It is assumed that high in the rankings are the Champions, beating tough fighters.

But we won’t solve complex mathematical strategies and long considered the odds. Don’t know how this Boxing is not the first relationship. Let’s do this simply: take three fighters that flash in the top 3 more often than others: Vasyl Lomachenko, Terence Crawford, Saul Alvarez.

Vasyl Lomachenko

Rate them according to three criteria:

1. Performances in the main fight of the evening over the past two years. This will allow us to assess their prominence and importance in modern Boxing.
2. The number of zones that were conquered in my career.
3. The number of wins in championship fights.

The leader in each of indicators awarded 3 points, second place 2 points third – 1 point. In the end, consider the points and put three of the best boxers in the world at the moment.

Performances in the main fight of the evening over the past two years

The component is absolutely equal among all three. Of course, Saul brings in many times more money than Lomachenko and Crawford, but now the conversation is about something else. When they say that Basil holds a few games, unlike the others, just remind the speaker: Alvarez, Lomachenko and Crawford in the last two years conducted the same number of matches – two in a year.

It’s not a little Basil goes into the ring, and just the pace of exits in the ring significantly decreased, compared to the same eighties.

Over the past two years Vasyl Lomachenko beat Jorge Linares (TKO in the tenth round), Jose Pedraza (unanimous decision), Anthony Kroll (knockout in the fourth round) and Luke Campbell (unanimous decision). Saul Alvarez dealt with Gennady Golovkin (for points based on the results of the twelve rounds), rocky Fielding (by knockout in the third round), Daniel Jacobs (unanimous decision) and Sergey Kovalev (knockout in the eleventh round). On account of Crawford’s victory over Jeff horn (a technical knockout in the ninth round), Jose Benavides (a technical knockout in the twelfth round), Amir Khan (TKO in the sixth round) and Egidius Kavaliauskas (a technical knockout in the ninth round).

Whose record steep – to solve each one of you. Lomachenko of four matches with Champions and twice with the first number of ratings. Campbell does an Olympic champion in 2012. Alvarez fought in the weight category – he’s got the League title already in four. Crawford simply crushed all of his rivals and none of them heard the final bell and not waited for the decision of the judges.

But we’ll just give all 3 points to equal the number of fights in the main fights of the evening.

Saul Alvarez

The number of belts in my career

Vasyl Lomachenko – champion in three weight categories. He started at Featherweight. Then moved to the second Featherweight, and now holds the belt in the lightweight division. Basil – the world champion for six years. Parting with belt in the same weight, he immediately takes the new in the following. Total on account of Lomachenko’s six championship belts:

– WBO Featherweight title;
– WBO Featherweight second;
– WBA, WBO, WBC and The Ring lightweight.

Canelo – absolutely obsessed with titles boxer. He crossed two categories, just to make history and become champion even in fifth the weight. Not consider his the youth zone. Although without Soulja a collection:

– WBA, WBC, WBO and The Ring Middleweight;
– WBC, WBA, IBF and The Ring Middleweight title;
– Regular champion of the WBA in the super Middleweight weight;
– WBO light heavyweight title.

Total: 10 zones on account of Soulja Alvarez.

Terence Crawford also managed to win three weights and even some absolute world champion. On account of a great American:

– WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF and The Ring light Welterweight champion
– WBO lightweight
– WBO Welterweight champion.

A total of seven zones in my career on account of Crawford.

Vasyl Lomachenko lost to just one zone, but remained third – one point. Crawford – two points in seven zones. Saulo Alvarez three points for the unrealistic ten belts twenty eight years.

Terence Crawford

The number of wins in championship fights.

Everything is simple: a lot of Boxing, a lot of winning at the highest championship level gaining the most points. Again, Canelo is simply a hurricane. Before he began his professional career (Sulu wasn’t eighteen), Alvarez managed to win 53 games, with 1 defeat and 2 draws.

Second, of course, Crawford. In his account of the 36 victories in 36 bouts. Lomachenko is the third. 1 wins in 15 matches. But, it is important to consider the time with the championship matches in which the Ukrainian broke from the first second career. We get the following list:

– Saul Alvarez – 17 wins in title fights;
– Terence Crawford – 14 wins in title fights;
– Vasyl Lomachenko – 13 wins in title fights.

The picture has not changed, but given the difference in the number of fights and years in the pros, Lomachenko is amazing. However, the times agreed to consider the points without emotion, again Scrap – 1, Crawford – 2, Canelo – 3.


Saul Alvarez – 9 points and first place in Р4Р.
Terence Crawford – 7 points and second place in Р4Р.
Vasyl Lomachenko – 5 points and third place in Р4Р.

Data calculations – another proof of the partiality of any approach to determine the best. In many indicators Vasily was not the worse of the two leaders from the first fights in the pros, but using math it is not ranked first because of less time in the ring.

There is just such a mathematical approach to determine the best in Boxing? And how do you think should look like the top 5 best boxers in the world at the moment?

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