Who convenes emergency Committee due to the rising cases COVID-19

The world health organization convenes this week, the emergency Committee due to the strengthening of the pandemic COVID-19. The head of the organization of Tedros Ghebreyesus announced during a briefing on July 27, the entry published in who.

“It was 16 million cases and more than 640 thousand deaths, and the pandemic continues to grow. Over the past six weeks, the total number of cases roughly doubled,” he said.

The head of the who said on 30 January when he declared a state of emergency in public health, international importance, was less than 100 cases COVID-19 outside of China, and no death.

“In accordance with the requirements of the International health regulations, I’m going to reconvene the emergency Committee later this week to review the pandemic COVID-19 and make appropriate recommendations”, he said.

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