White resigned. Epic UFC 249 ended with the transfer of the tournament

Rumors that the UFC is the fifth time will try to arrange a fight the champion at lightweight Habib Nurmagomedov Tony Ferguson began to appear at the end of 2019, and, finally, on 14 December, the promotion has officially announced these two headlining the show UFC 249, which was scheduled in Brooklyn in the arena “Barclays Center” on April 18. This is one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history, since the fans more than four years of waiting, when Ferguson and Nurmagomedov will meet inside the cage. During all this time their fight four times (!) canceled.

A brief history of four breakdowns of the fight Khabib vs Ferguson

For the first time Nurmagomedov and Ferguson got the opportunity to fight each other in the tournament 22 TUF Finale in December 2015, but in October Habib was removed from the show, citing a bruised rib.

In April 2016, their fight was to take UFC on FOX 19. That’s just Ferguson for a few days out of the race after doctors diagnosed him with fluid accumulation in the lungs.

March 2017. Show UFC 209. Ferguson and Nurmagomedov will fight for interim title at lightweight, all ready for battle, there were only weighing. But instead to stand on the balance of the Russian fighter straight from a hotel room goes to the hospital with severe pain in the abdomen, the cause of which was extreme misogony.

Twitter UFC. Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson

And the fourth cancelled less than a week before UFC 223 in April 2018, where Habib and Tony was going to fight for the vacant full title. Ferguson, going to the Studio, tripped over a cable and was seriously torn knee ligaments that knocked him out of action for several months.

Coronavirus and the fifth cancel

Began March, UFC 249 approached, and nothing foretold troubles. However, with the onset of spring coronavirus has reached the United States. 12 March the authorities of the state of new York forbade carrying out any mass actions. By this time, the US has registered more than 1500 cases of infection with coronavirus and the disease is clearly gaining momentum.

However, UFC President Dana white assured the public that the UFC 249 will be on April 18th and they will only change the location. The UFC wanted to move the event to Las Vegas on their own arena of “Apex” and spend it without an audience, but on March 14 the Athletic Commission of Nevada has imposed a ban on the sport competition.

After all this in the UFC was no longer sure that the 249-th numbered event will be held on time. But on March 23, white promised that the UFC 249 not in danger of cancellation or postponement, and he already has a place for him. Where, white said, adding that the fights will take place behind closed doors and card will differ from the original.

On the same day, March 23, became aware of the fact that Nurmagomedov, leaving your gym AKA in California, is at home in Dagestan, where he continues his preparation for the duel with Ferguson. April 1, communicating with fans on the social network Instagram Habib announced that he will not be able to participate in the UFC 249 as international flights in Russia’s closed due to quarantine, and the battle with Ferguson will be held in the United States.

His arrival in Russia, the soldier explained that he was told that UFC 249 will be held in the UAE, so he flew there, but this country was closed to foreigners at the time of the quarantine, and he returned to Russia. A little later, Habib said that it is still ready to fight, let him only call location.

The replacement of Habib Gati and Indian reservation

6 APR promotion called the name of the person who will replace Nurmagomedov in the main fight of the UFC 249. As expected, they were always entertaining Justin Gati. Their battle with Ferguson also had the title status, only it was a temporary title. Overall, the card has undergone major changes. So it added the duel of the two most severely beating the heavyweights in the UFC roster Francis Ngandu and Jairzinho Rozenstruik, initially, the two punchers were supposed to lead the UFC on ESPN 8 – the March 28 tournament, which had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus.

The next day the media called the place, which will host UFC 249 – Tachi Palace casino Resort on an Indian reservation in California. But, on 9 April, Dana white announced that the show will have to cancel due to the intervention of the Governor of the state.

Optimism Dana White

Before it became known about the cancellation of UFC 249, white stated that he agrees with the owners of a private island, where he’s going to UFC tournaments every weekend in a time of global quarantine.

Dana refuses this idea and hopes that in may fans will watch live streams of the UFC with a “fight island”.

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