What happens when you throw a small car at giant axe

Team Australian YouTube channel “How Ridiculous” I decided to have a little show and demonstration broke a small car, about the huge axe

In the Australian city of Perth is the research Center of gravity, which in the neighboring town of Gingin has its own research object – a tower with a height of 45 m. It has a special sloping shape and crane equipment, which allows to raise and to drop down any large objects with a given accuracy landing. When scientists conduct their experiments, the tower is rented to all comers, and this took the “How Ridiculous”.

Especially for the show was crafted steel axe weighing several tons and with a blade length of over a meter. The goal is to throw at him from the height of different objects and see what happens. To his surprise, the experimenters found that small objects, like cans of soda, tend to bounce and not get damaged, even if they fall directly into the axe blade. Well, a relatively large car was waiting for naturally different, but very entertaining fate.

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