“What did I do to help?”: Regina todorenko has released a film about domestic violence after the scandal

Recently, the network has a scandal with Regina Todorenko in the title role, which in one of his interviews correctly spoke against women survivors of domestic violence and have the confidence to talk about it publicly. The presenter asked the women who beat their husbands what they did in order to prevent this from happening. Statement Todorenko has generated a huge response — in particular, Glamour magazine stripped her of the title “woman of the year”.

Immediately after the incident, the TV host apologized for the thoughtless words in your Instagram, and recently presented its own film about the victims of domestic violence, all proceeds from the monetization of which will be directed to the funds to combat domestic violence

“I decided to deal with the problem and this week spoke with leading experts in the field of domestic violence. The result is a film that will help to get rid of prejudices in this matter, and – most importantly – tell you what to do if it happened to you or someone you know. Perhaps one day, he only had to lose the titles, contracts, the trust of the audience to hear hundreds of thousands of voters in need of assistance. If you view this film, so all was not in vain,” said Regina.

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