Werner correctly refused to Bavaria. He need Klopp

“RB Leipzig” has existed for a little over a decade, but even in such a short time had its own legend, an icon and a symbol of the success of the club – Timo Werner. For 24 years he managed to score 88 goals and give assists for 39 150 matches! Amazing performance.

However, for Timo long time to come a time when you need to take a step forward. For all its ambitions, the bulls are not so firmly rooted in the status of a top club, though already have the status of the current Champions League quarterfinalist. He admits Werner, he’s ready for a new challenge. Preferably outside of Germany.

For several years the Werner name most often mentioned in connection with two clubs: Bayern and Liverpool. With Bayern everything is clear, because they try to win over any of the talented German football player. The most recent example is Alexander Nubel from Schalke. Being a major in Gelsenkirchen and youth of the German national team, the player knowingly accepted the role of understudy hopeless Manuel Neuer.

With Werner, of course, it would have been not so clear, but in a global sense, it is Bayern simply don’t need. First, it has Robert Lewandowski. If the pole in the form, it will not be able to supplant any forward in the world. Given that due to injuries Robert never missed more than two matches in the Bundesliga, the prospect of his coworkers are not very bright. For this role far more logical to use the same Searchsee young Joshua, who managed to score 3 goals in 170 minutes in the Bundesliga – an average of 57 minutes for 1 goal!

At Stuttgart Werner started as a right forward, but then Bayern have a place in the starting firmly booked for Serge Gnabry. In theory, Timo can be used a striker, but the Bayern is the best assistant in the Bundesliga Thomas müller, who recently signed a new contract.

In his first season in Leipzig Timo told me that he was trying to be like Lukas Podolski. So no wonder that his manner of playing Werner is really very similar to “Prince Poldi”. Werner is not a classic centre forward in the modern sense of the position. He is not suited to playing on the scheme in one pure striker.

Twitter for RB Leipzig. Timo Werner

Clearly this can be seen in the matches of the German national team, most of which Werner is simply lost on the field. Joachim Loew insists to put him at the point of attack, and Timo due to the low growth and lack of physical strength cannot cope with the task. The main advantages of the Werner – speed range, the ability to make fast decisions, and the ability to score from almost any position in the penalty area. For creativity Timo needed space, and if he abandoned the attack alone – to sense from it a little.

It is for this reason Bayern failed and Lukas Podolski. It is categorically not fit into the model of the game club. At that time, Bayern in the attack needed a conditional Luca Toni, who can push the defense and not the pupil “Cologne”.

In “RB Leipzig” Werner plays for the scheme with two strikers. Often, he breaks into the penalty area from deep, while the space for it free Patrick Chic or Yussuf Poulsen. In the “Bavaria” nothing like Timo would not.

Another thing – “Liverpool”. No wonder Jurgen Klopp personally wanted to meet a movie star “RB Leipzig” to convince him to move to Anfield. Yes, and Werner, apparently, would like to work under his leadership.

Higher competition at Liverpool, of course, has not been canceled. The attacking trio of Salah Firmino Mans is considered one of the most efficient in the world. But the team will not progress if it does not refresh. Over the past two transfer window, the Merseyside club have bought for the main cage only Takumi Minamino. Harvey Elliott and Sepp van den Berg – transfers in the future.

That Werner could become the striker that will refresh the attack of the Premier League leaders.

If someone at Liverpool and is wary of the arrival of Werner, it is Roberto Firmino. For all its coolness and versatility, the Brazilian never in his career has not scored more than 16 goals in one season for Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga-13/14. In the EPL its the best indicator – 15 goals in season 2017/18.

Twitter Liverpool. Roberto Firmino

At Liverpool a much more important role played Salah and Manet, who regularly burst into the penalty area from the flanks. The challenge However is to free for them. The same function can perform and Werner, but he, unlike the Brazilian, faster and more resilient.

No, the arrival of Werner will not mean that Firmino verge of leaving Anfield. But Jurgen Klopp will have much more options in attack. Given that in the future all clubs in the world shines just a fantastic calendar, a good bench will play a crucial role.

In addition, the system of the game Klopp, Werner can successfully perform the functions of the Manet or of Salah if one of them gets hurt or decides to leave the club. Timo works great with both feet, and in the course of attacks in “RB Leipzig” can be a threat from both flanks.

So buying Werner will be for “Liverpool” an excellent investment in the future. Timo has grown to this level and will bring to Liverpool a lot of benefits.

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