“We are not supinity”: Gregory Reshetnik showing toruslike photo with a team that podomys scho wtre the mill baticom

Recent news about dopovnennya from their home prihilny patchily Jamal the Onuka. And vidna Chudovo vstau podlasia I Gregory Reshetnik. Televeduschiy opubco have swoa toruslike Instagram photo with a team with Christina dtmi have PDEs to yakogo podomys scho wtre the mill baticom.

“We are not supinity”, — writing the VIN, also added hashtags #reshetnikfamily the #3pregnancy.

Troch later Gregory opubco sche odne spline photo s kochanow podakova for privtae I Tepl words.

“Doroh Nashi, from your privman, SLV palagani just perekopu of podih! Thanks you from serca Takeo stavlennia to NASA applied. Duzhe hocemo, abi VI TA vashi family * the Studio, maslivka, a health that uspshnomu! Wrte good that radite to life! Mcno obamama You,” writing televeduschiy.

Prednusone to privtae!

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