Washington will soon have a unique bridge Park

Residents and visitors of Washington will soon be able to stroll through the new Park in the form of a bridge-garden, which is spread out over the Anacostia river. “Bridge to the 11th Street” designed by landscape architects from the Bureau of OLIN. It is assumed that the space will be occupied by green spaces, viewing areas and educational areas. Bridge Park will be located on top of existing piles of the original bridge.

Following the success of the High Line project in new York, today, these urban parks are gaining popularity among architects and urban planners. The Bridge at 11th Street was the result of an architectural competition held in 2014 and recently received permission for further work. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2021. Project details are still quite fuzzy, for example, OLIN is not yet divided by the expected dimensions of the spaces of the Park. But we can say for sure that the bridge will take the form of a flattened letter X ( and will have two large elevated ramps for pedestrians.

The entire length of the ramp will be placed to the view point and the ends will be crowned with waterfalls. In the Park are garden areas, an amphitheatre, lawns, children’s Playground, a cafe and educational center for the power supply which installs solar panels. Mention the mechanism of rainwater harvesting. All the details are still not fixed and can be changed.

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