Wanted to take revenge on the politicians. Police arrested the man throwing Molotov cocktails at Belgian Parliament

The man who threw bottles with an incendiary mix in a building of the Federal Parliament of Belgium, was detained in Brussels on July 28. About it it is spoken in the statement of the Prosecutor’s office of Belgium on July 28.

The incident occurred on Monday, July 27, in the second half of the day. According to the Agency, the detainee is 36 years old.

“The police patrol detained a man who was thrown into the Parliament building highly inflammable Molotov cocktail. Damage was caused to several cars”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office.

The police also searched the suspect’s house. Military service clearance checked the car of the detainee, which was parked near the Parliament building. The police have studied surveillance cameras and questioned the man.

The initial results of the investigation showed that the suspect was not in possession of other dangerous objects. The police found documents showing the extreme beliefs of the detainee.

During interrogation, the suspect confessed that he wanted to take revenge on politicians who, in his opinion, are responsible for a failed solution to the crisis in health care.

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