Vladimir VECEREK: “Southern girl must play in the next Champions League

Last season for “Chemist” was significant primarily to the fact that the club from the South has become the first in the history of women’s volleyball of Ukraine, who spoke at the group stage of the Champions League. In addition, the volleyball team of the Odessa port factory has won two national trophy – their fourth consecutive super bowl, and the seventh successive domestic Cup, rounding, thus, the number of titles to twenty. But the championship of Ukraine in the Superleague, as you know, the pandemic coronavirus have been completed without determining the champion and prize-winners.
The results of the performance of “Chemist” in season 2019-2020 failed him, President Vladimir Vecerek.

– Just want to say that, in my opinion, the Executive Committee of Federation of volleyball of Ukraine (HLF) made the right decision ahead of schedule to finish the championship in the current situation. Also, by the way, did the volleyball Federation of Germany and Italy. After all, to determine the winner and prize-winner in the unfinished championship would be, to put it mildly, is not correct. I recall that was not played two rounds on the first stage and the final two rounds, which were to name the top three winners. As for the “Chemist” then we had the motivation to finish this championship in the first place – we could win the tenth League title, but health is more important.

Speaking on the performance of our team this season, then be sure to come back in the season that preceded it. It was then, with a certain selection of players we made the decision to participate in the prestigious women’s volleyball club tournament in Europe the Champions League. However, in the offseason “the Chemist” left a large group of volleyball players, four of whom bore the brunt. It is clear that the coaching staff had a hard time and we basically had to build virtually a new team. However, having the hardest qualifying rounds, we still managed to reach the group stage of the Champions League, that was a great achievement for “Chemist” and for the Ukrainian volleyball.

During the season, Khimik step by step progressed, the team has gradually gelled and turned into efficient collective which we saw in the Final four of the Cup of Ukraine and in some European matches. Unfortunately, because of objective reasons, we failed to finish the season and try to win our tenth championship medal. But I hope that we will win them next season, which, incidentally, will be the twentieth in the history of “Chemist”.

– The Champions League especially the group stage is a high requirements for the organization of matches, in particular broadcasts. What did the end of the season in the Champions League?
– The Champions League is indeed the most difficult club competition – and in game terms, and in terms of organization, in particular, the use of “videocalling”. I note that we were the first Ukrainian team that uses this system. I agree that there are serious requirements to broadcast. In this respect, much work has been conducted by the team of FSK Olimp – and provide video production services and organization of events. Gained certain experience, but we certainly have room to grow and develop in this regard.

– Reach the group stage of the Champions League, in itself, a great success. What is your impression of the performance of the team at this stage where to win and failed, although the chances for this were?
– We are in a very difficult group, where, of course, allocated the current winner of the Champions League – Italian “Novara”, but also among the opponents were the Champions of Germany and Poland. Of course, I wanted a better result in the group stage. We underfulfilled, where-that the opponents were clearly stronger, somewhere was missing in the psychological relation, because participation in the group stage is a special state for the players and the team as a whole.
It is encouraging that the “Chemist” gave fans a true volleyball feast, because the gaming hall of FSK “Olimp” on the Champions League matches was filled almost to capacity, the games came fans from all over the region. I want to say a special thank you to them for the support they provided the team. A victory in the group stage of the Champions League will come.
In any case, the “Chemist” had a great experience that will definitely come in handy.

– How do you, as the head of the club, think of the defeats of the team?
– Defeat the defeat of discord. And will not go away from them – it’s a sport. Of course, the defeat in the Champions League and in the championship of Ukraine are perceived differently. But, in any case, it is necessary to do work on the bugs, make adjustments in the future to avoid them.

– There is a demand from the coaching staff for the defeat, or are you thinking strategically, assess already the result of performance in a particular tournament?
– Of course, there is the personal responsibility of the coaching staff for the defeat, and losing even one set unpleasant. But, more importantly, of course, the strategic goal is to win all national competitions.

– How did you feel about the sport before becoming President of the VC Khimik in 2016?
– The sport is always treated positively, rejoice in the success and the volleyball and basketball teams of Odessa portside plant, yuzhnensky rowers. Already working in the plant, became closer acquainted with women’s volleyball, which was for me until a certain time as Terra Incognita. When I served as President of VC Khimik, became, naturally, more closely interested in volleyball. By the way, in the school years was engaged in handball, and quite often come to South to participate in the competition.

– What victory “the Chemist” has caused You the strongest emotions?
– Winning the championship title in the season 2016-2017, when I first managed the club. This for me is perhaps the most brilliant victory.

This success is comparable with a recent victory in the Ukrainian Cup?
– I think not. The first will forever remain the brightest. In Kamenskoye team just accomplished one of the goals in the current season – won the Cup of Ukraine. In addition, such known to have been an exit in group tournament of League of Champions and win national tournaments. Won the “Prometheus” – good, but winning over the team from the Comenius not an end in itself. Yes, the beautiful game was fundamental. In this pyatisetovy Thriller our volleyball team showed their character and fighting qualities that has kept the cold head and put the squeeze on “Prometheus” in the final set. But not less important was the final match of “Galychanka” because at stake was the Cup of Ukraine. Players of “Chemist” and then showed character, bringing the final to win.

– Considerable contribution to this success has made two new additions to its team at the start of the calendar year – one of the strongest forwards in the country last decade, Anna Kirichenko and the first in the history of the Ukrainian American volleyball player in the face Kez brown…
– This decision was not sudden, the need to strengthen, we discussed with the coaching staff of “Chemist” in the past, and the results of matches with “Prometheus” once again convinced in this. We were able to quickly resolve issues associated with the acquisition of players who successfully fit in the team and Anna Kirichenko, and Kez brown show a great game, as a whole, and the whole team.

– After participating in group tournament of League of Champions “the Chemist” again will be entered to participate in the European Cup next season. However, the question of representation of Ukraine in this tournament is not entirely clear. The President of HLF Michael Miller in an interview said that there is a theoretical possibility of participation in the League of Champions two Ukrainian commands – “the Chemist” and “Prometheus”. Your opinion on this matter.
– Answering the question about the participation, or rather the participants of the Champions League from our country, I want to refer to such document as the rules of volleyball competitions in Ukraine of the 2019-2020 season, which follows the rules of the European club competitions in terms of definition of participants of the European Cup. In paragraph 14.15 Ukrainian document is said to represent the country in European competition have the right commands in the following order: in the first place champion of Ukraine, the second – the owner of the Cup of Ukraine, hereinafter – the winners of the championship. Champion, as you know, is not defined so it is the “Chemist,” as the owner of the Cup of Ukraine, has the priority right to represent the country in the strongest club tournament of Europe. According to the European rating Ukraine has in the Champions League only one place. And it should be given “to the Chemist.
If Ukraine will be given the second place it is, said Michael Miller, the second place may be given to the second team in the ranking at the end of last season, if any, will be made and will be taken into account.
Once again I would like to note that the Champions League is definitely a great experience for the team and players. This is the tournament that stands far above the other two and the level of teams, players, and requirements that apply to participants. Participation in the Champions League requires serious organization, club work, technical equipment, and a large game room.
In addition, participation in the Champions League, and “Chemist” knows this firsthand, it’s a very intense schedule of games. Our volleyball girls are great, they honorably passed. Having such an extremely demanding schedule for five months (October to February), sometimes arriving with European of the match, the team went to the matches of domestic competitions and in the end managed to finish the race to win the Ukrainian Cup. Honor and praise to the players and coaches.

– Vladimir Yaroslavovich, tell us how Khimik live in conditions of quarantine?
For volleyball season, by the way, is not yet finished, they all received individual tasks and will work in the home until the end of April. The coaching staff and players are fully healthy. We hope that the measures taken in Ukraine, will quickly overcome the pandemic of coronavirus, and to survive it with relatively few ill people and nothing will prevent the Ukrainians in the summer to return to their daily activities, and the team Khimik to volleyball. Although at this stage it is unclear when to resume the volleyball life to the fullest, and how the pandemic will affect the Ukrainian volleyball, because the content team is a serious financial costs.

– How pandemic coronavirus affected, or may affect, the financing of “Chemist”?
The quarantine does not affect the work of the Odessa port plant – the company operates in the same mode as before. In accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, enterprises with a continuous work cycle, which is such an enterprise in the chemical industry as an HMO, continue to work. As for financing directly the VC Khimik, then, I think everything should be preserved at the same level. The new Director of the plant Nikolai Bird – man volleyball, head volleyball Federation Kiev region, included in the Board of Trustees HLF and sympathetic to the work that we do in sports, supporting our desire to develop.

According to the materials of VC Khimik

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