Vladimir BRYNZAK: “beh after two or three years will become a biathlon star”

The President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr Brynzak talked about the details of the naturalization of former Russian biathletes.

“He came to us in 2018 from Russia three girls – Anastasia Rasskazova, Oksana Moskalenko and Catherine Bech. Until they made it to the national team by a sports principle, their training was funded not by public funds. And when their work was in the national team, they have begun allocating the funds planned for salaries of representatives of the staff team who would have spent exactly the same if this place got athletes were born here.

Thanks to these girls, competition has increased. Without them in the age group of the result, we do not exist. And so Kate Bech became a double world champion among juniors. In Russia she was a nobody, wouldn’t be in the lineup. And we have Catherine after two or three years will become a biathlon star. I don’t doubt it. However, to reach such rivals, needs to work harder other girls. But not as much money we spend on young athletes – $5-6 thousand per year. Make this amount together. Nothing special for her build.

In addition, I would like to emphasize that I didn’t bring and was not invited. We do not luring. Why don’t we have stars from Russia? Because we begin to negotiate, only when the sentence appeal, the athlete or his coach? In the case of these three women called me their mentor Ilya Lapukhov. He said, well, girls was released in Moscow, got my hands on the work book, we held two training sessions in Belarus, then there refused them. “You’re not interested?” – asks mugs. At first I refused. But Alexander pressed on what their parents are Ukrainians. This is an argument. Besides sorry for the children: they have 19-20 years left Russia, Belarus refused them. I was at the crossroads. We agreed to meet and talk. What struck me is the incredible momentum that charged girls. They want to become Olympic Champions.

In fact, the year I was engaged in them himself, without help from the state. Additional difficulties appeared when he said that to get a Ukrainian passport it is necessary to abandon the Russian. Oksana, Katya and Nastya for a long time thought, and then said that they have a goal – to win Olympic gold. They want to come to her and ready to sacrifice Russian citizenship. Besides, most of their relatives live in Ukraine. So who are they bothering?”, said project Manager brynzak.

We will remind, earlier Brynzak said, how to earn the best biathletes of Ukraine.

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