Viva la France! The end of the season League 1

“Veseli, brother, chasi come.” The French Championships became the first with the prefix “top”, who refused to continue the season because of the pandemic coronavirus. All teams except PSG and Strasbourg, the number of ballots stood at around “28”, these two famous club played a match less, which as a final result, I had to capture this fraction: the average number of points for the game… But, anyway, great tournament is finished, he go a lot happened – and about the most interesting worth mentioning.

Lucky season

Marseille became French champion among the mortals! In the League, where the “Paris St Germain” play 12 (!) the highest paid players in the League, second place is akin to winning the League title. And, frankly, this “title” was taken by the team that a year ago many would not have come even in the top three contenders.

I must admit, skeptical, the team of Villas-Boas I have a lot. I think that the stop of the season was Olimpik benefit: teams of Portuguese at all times, know how to give a chic a month, followed by a month of performances at the level of the outsiders. Actually, the last matches before the break were given a good reason to suspect that the “Marseille” out of gas: home draw with relegated “Amiens”, a home defeat from “Nantes”…

But, anyway, Marseille made it to the Champions League, and at a comfortable six points ahead of the nearest pursuer. “Olympic” in so many matches could suffer, play worse than the opponent, but to win. In this ambitious role was played by two people, who have made a difference. Steve Mandanda had the best season of his career, but teams with goalies-heroes, is that fly – in the Champions League “OM” pulled yet another person.

Dimitri Payet is just brilliant. His technique, ability to beat the opponent on the handkerchief allow his teams to expect a positive result, he is on the field – regardless of the names of rivals, partners and other details. Those nine goals and four assists, which accumulated Dimitri for the championship is nothing compared to the ability to push the ball into the danger zone of the opponents: in fact, the whole team’s attack rests on him.

Marseille made it to the Champions League when it become critical: the composition of the team and age of highly paid, world pandemic could drive the club into huge debts. Do not believe in the European Cup success of “Marcel” for a second season of work of Boas and on 34-m to year of life Payet, but if that same lion can claim the results tomorrow, the “Olympic” was able to show them today – and this too should be respected.

Also, of course, is to celebrate the achievements “of Rennes”, which achieved the best result in its history: has never “red and black” never made the top three. Midfielder Eduardo Kamwenge in 17 years, won the competition for the place and earned the interest of the most “real” and experienced in his 25 years Mbaye Niang (“Rennes” – his seventh club) helped the team with his ten goals.

Losers of the season

The “Amen” should be madly frustrating to go to League 2 after an away draw with Marseille: here so someone could get out of the relegation zone, having played at least four points from the zone playoffs. But there is a team that deserves an early link in the lower division even without any coronavirus: just for the continued disgrace, with which she has become synonymous in France for a year.

In the last eighteen matches at Toulouse only one (!!!) point scored. Eleven defeats in a row – a record in the history of the club; then was produced a goalless draw with “Amen”, after which “violet” lost six matches. I wonder what record they could threaten, if not pandemic: the performance of some of the dying of the representatives of the Premier League five or six years ago look like a feast of the spirit against it.

What’s interesting is that Toulouse is composed of several well-known players: the same Gradel and Yaya Sanogo played in the Premier League, and goalkeeper Lower kalinic in the Croatian national team reached the final of the last world Cup. They should not have to touch Alain Casanova: of the thirteen existing asset points, eight Toulouse scored in the first five rounds, after which the coach never forgave a slight autumn decline.

Of course, season the asset may not recorded and “Saint-Etienne”, which after the departure of Christophe Gaultier at Lille dives lower and lower, as well as Lyon. But if those teams can at least try to justify the early end of the season, the “To lose”‘a all managed to lose before.

“Suitcase” season

95% of participants of the championship of France is too poor to hold their leaders and hold them even in the remaining 5%. In fact, it formed almost half of the future top players of clubs: League 1 not so weak, to the performances it was impossible to draw conclusions, and not strong enough for the new Silva and ntombela, Fabinho and depay had planned to spend there entire career.

Apparently, the next hero will be next summer to fight all the top clubs, will be the guy who underestimated his entire career.

The path of Wissam Ben Yedder to the top was not strewn with roses. Suffice it to say that he is the first player in history who played for the teams of France and football, and Futsal: just in professional football, he was only twenty years old, and before that played for the Amateur “Allfarvei”. He is very opened late (for 22 years he had only one goal on professional level, and in the season of 12/13 he had to play, even in Amateur League), and was shattered by distrust of himself in the “Toulouse” and left only “Seville” and not in a real Grand.

But the season is over-19/20, and its follow-up Ben Yedder shares the first place for goals scored with Mbappe. Divides, despite the fact that the conditions for goals they just are not comparable. If Mike plays in a team of stars, Wissam was in crisis “Monaco”, which most of the season hanging near the relegation zone. If Mbappe playing in Paris the second season and played with Neymar, Di Maria and others, the Ben Yedder moved to the Principality in August.

In General, it is not surprising that Toulouse are negotiating Atletico Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona. He was all the time something was missing and wildly unlucky. The only season in eight years when he scored less than ten goals in the championship, took place just before the world Cup in Russia, respectively, Ben Yedder did not go to the world Cup and not received a medal. He wasted a lot of time on “Toulouse”, in Seville, on the evidence that is something more than a small-town star.

But anyway – for eight seasons, one of which was not finished, Wissam spent 157 goals. Held, speaking for the crisis team constantly (even at Sevilla he found a constant era of change), speaking in different teams and tournaments with different partners. It is important that in Europe the performance of Ben Yedder is only growing: in 29 matches in the Europa League brought him 22 goals. It is very likely that even in the “Real world” Wissam may be more useful than bought for 80 million Luka Jovic.

“Armor” of the season

You’d be surprised, but there are statistical indicators that PSG is not the best indicator in the championship of France. This quality of defense, a number of missing: from the capital club in the passive 24 goals, while modest “Reims” – only 21. In a moment: Barcelona and man city that every summer buy defenders for tens of millions, at 31 missed, the “MU” thirty, “Juventus” and “inter” for 24 – and even in goal, atlético visited the same 21 goals.

Of course, “Reims” plays defensive football: goal scoring this team is second to last. Of course, the trainer has achieved with this team and more ambitious achievements: under the direction of David Guyon “red-white” came from League 2 and took the high sixth place in the table. Of course, some players gave in “Reims” best period in his career: the Central defender Yunis Abdelhamid to quarantine played in League 1 66 of 66 possible matches, and in the midst of it delighted the public, equipping a garage gym.

But the main merit in the defensive exploits of “Reims” belongs to the goalkeeper. Predrag Rajkovic played against “Dinamo” for the tel Aviv “Maccabi” in the same season, when Kiev last came in the playoffs of the Champions League – and I must say, the European experience helps him to feel a real star in the League 1. No keylor Navas could not have last season to compare with Rajkovica the ability to pull “dead” ball and lead the defense.

Thanks to the early stop of the season, a two-time finalist of the Champions Cup (no one in France is no more) for the first time since 1963, the year made it to the competition. Rejoice for legendary club: it is one of the few who suffered from the coronavirus is really irreparable loss. In April, 60-year-old doctor “Reims” committed suicide after he put the unfortunate diagnosis…

Playmaker of the season

It is not good to raise such issues in the championship of France, but still: what a pity that Di Maria left the most popular League in the world and decided half a career to devote Paris. Playmaker from God, man with brilliant passing, not just become the best assistant of the season, and beat their nearest opponents twice! The angel ended the season 14 assistu, while Islam Slimani and Joanna Kurt, only seven.

“Paris St Germain” of the season

And yet any material about the current championship of France is doomed to converge on the theme of “PSG”. The club has long been ruled by a League 1, but is forced to put up with the attitude that is best characterized sacramental “good, but not eagles.”

No one in their right mind would argue that the current “Paris St Germain” – a strong team. She confidently won the championship, no chance beat a strong Dortmund favr features the stars of the first magnitude… In this case to the level of Barcelona, real Madrid, Bayern, the French do not hold – and it’s not even in the Champions League.

Have you heard anything about the desire to leave real Madrid Casillas or Ramos when the club five years could not pass the 1/8 of the Champions League? No, Royal club soon led negotiations to strengthen the top players. PSG, even winning every year top the championship, is forced to live with the constant desire Mbappe or Neymar to move to other teams. And it is not clear what to do with it – because the level of the League as such does not reach the level of at least the EPL and Examples.

Specifically, the last season left for PSG a good team defended the League title, reached the finals of both domestic cups and if not for their abolition, would be in them a clear favourite in the Champions League quarterfinals. Tuhelj achieved a higher quality of team play, even Neymar has subjected their actions on the field in the interests of the team… But PSG still terribly unlucky last season he absolutely undeservedly flew from Manchester United, this has not taken off at all from anyone and, most likely, will not achieve anything because of lack of practice, even if the European cups will come to grief.

To spare the middle East the sheiks – one of the strangest things that can come to mind, but the leadership of the PSG itself shouldered the burden, which has almost no chance of becoming pleasant. Collect in Paris, the strongest team in the world is almost impossible, and without a victory in the Champions League team will not be in my cohort the top clubs. And the gold medals of the championship of France is akin to leprecons gold – they do not bring real joy. Of course, PSG is the strongest team next season, but there is some doubt that the same “Marseille” my second happy place anymore?

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