Vitebsk – Dinamo Brest 1:0. Text broadcast of the match

Belarusian championship, 5th round.

“Vitebsk” – “Dinamo Brest” – 1:0

Jon Nicolaescu (87, penalty).

Gabi Kiki (73, 2 LCD), Yevhen Khacheridi (85 PC).

Gabi Kiki (27), Sergey Krivets (59), Oleksandr Noyok (86).

Vitebsk: Artem Soroko – Daniil Chalov, Artem Skits, Paul Nazarenko, Yevhen Klepacki -, Anderson, Sergei Volkov (Jon Nicolaescu, 78), Diego Carioca (Julio Cesar, 90), Anton Matveenko, Maksim Kalenchuk – Artem Gurenko.
Subs Not Used: Dmitri Gushchenko, John Nemchenok, Oleg Karamushka, Julio Cesar, Maxim Drobysh, Ilya Vasiliev, Ruslan Temirov, John Nicolaescu.

“Dinamo Brest”: Paul Pavlyuchenko – Gabi, Kiki, Yevhen Khacheridi, Cyril Pechenin (Oleg Veretilo, 23) – Sergei Kislyak, Sergei Krivets (Vsevolod Sadovskiy, 68), Oleksandr Noyok, Roman Yuzepchuk – Artem Milevskiy (Alexander Pavlovets, 77), Evgeny Shevchenko, Mikhail Gordeychuk.
Spare: Sergei Ignatovich, Alexander Pavlovets, Oleg Veretilo, Pavel Savitsky, Vsevolod Sadovskiy.

90+3 min: the MATCH is OVER!

90+1 min the Referee compensated for three minutes.

90 min Diego comes out Instead of Julio Cesar.

 87 min GOOOOOOOL! Nicolaescu dissolved the goalkeeper and the ball in the corners!

 86 min Noyok was arguing with the referee and received a yellow card.

 85 min That’s the twist! Khacheridi had a free-kick taken by hand, the Carioca, and then kicked the opponent! It’s a PENALTY!

84 min. , wow! All field players at half field Dynamo. Guests kicking.

82 min the Hosts took a corner on the right.

81 mins Skits shot dangerously from the right – the ball has been kicked. Then Nicolaescu struck Curling shot from the edge of the box – Keeper pulls!

 78 min. Nicolaescu replaced Volkov.

 77 min Instead of Milevsky game will continue Pavlovets.

76 mins Noyok from the penalty powerfully shot under the near post – the goalkeeper has covered a ball!

75 min. Klepacki struck free-kick on the left over the crossbar.

 73 min Carioca punched from afar – the ball hit the hand of Kiki! It was outside the box but a second yellow Gabi got!

72 mins Noyok took the corner to the left – ball is out.

71 min Kislyak hung from a free-kick on the right – the defender knocked the ball head.

69 min. Uhhh! Yuzepchuk was filed to the right, Milevsky closed head in the jump – over the far top corner!

68 mins Sadowski changes in Comparison.

65 mins Dangerous! Corner of Vitebsk on the left, the defender knocked the ball head. Matveenko gets in touch from a tight angle, Keeper pulls! Another corner on the left, the ball has been kicked.

64 minutes the Hosts played a corner to the right, for a shot brought Matveenko – wide of the far post.

62 min. the Canopy of the hosts from a free kick on the left, Klepacki struck your head – past the near corner.

 59 mins Krivets in the penalty area by foot, went on a high flying ball and almost injured his opponent, who was trying to play head.

58 minutes the Hosts played a corner to the left.

56 min. Gurenko burst into the box and suddenly shot under the near post – just wide!

53 min. , Guests played a corner to the left. Lost the ball, counter attack Vitebsk, closed Matveenko from the penalty wide of the near corner!

52 min. long range strike Shevchenko – well over the crossbar.

51 mins Noyok took the corner to the right, the Keeper knocked the ball with his foot!

50 min. is Dangerous! Krivets struck in touch at the far corner – the goalkeeper caught the ball!

48 mins Yuzepchuk was applied to the right – the ball has been kicked.


45+1 min the FIRST-HALF is OVER!

45 min Noyok touch finished off the rebound of the crossbar.

44 min. Uhhhhh! Diego broke through with the go – goalkeeper fists hit the ball, but almost deflected it into the goal! The owners left corner – the ball has been kicked.

43 min kalenchuk hung right – the defender knocked the ball head.

41 min. And again the temp dropped. Guests often with the ball, but do not hesitate to play even over the goalkeeper.

38 min. Momentse! Filing Gurenko left the goalkeeper turned in a jump ball in the BAR!

36 min. attack the Guests, the owners of the entire team in defense.

33 minutes After a pass from the right Gurenko-touch shot inside the far post – wide!

32 mins In the last minutes of the game takes place in the middle of the field.

30 min. a game Calmed down, no points.

 27 min. Kiki hit a Carioca near the Central circle.

24 min. Gurenko took a shot from distance wide of the far post.

23 min. Veretilo has replaced the injured Pechenina.

23 min. Half time behind. The ball possession was 30:70% in favor of the guests. They foul more often – 4:5.

20 mins Someone from dinamovtsev assist: something with his hip.

18 min Corner offers the right – without impact.

17 min. Uhhhh! After a pass to the left gordeychuk gets in touch OTDEL the goalkeeper the ball with his fists!

16 min. Gurenko filed with a penalty kick to the left – ball is out.

14 min: it Seems that the visitors gradually took the initiative.

11 min Here is the answer! Dynamo right corner – the goalkeeper parried. The rebound just wide!

9 min. Momentse! Wolves were beaten from the penalty – the Keeper jump pulls! The rebound Matveenko – far post!

8 min. attack by the visitors ended with a foul in the penalty area.

6 min. is Dangerous! Carioca shot to the right of the rebound to the corner. Matveenko filed a corner on the left without impact.

4 minutes, Shevchenko was flagged for offside.

2 min. of the Dynamo filed a free kick on the right – the ball has been kicked.

 1 min the MATCH is underway! Hosts are in blue, the guests in white.

On Saturday, the 18th of April, a meeting will be held the 5th round of the Belarusian Highest League, in which “Vitebsk” takes Brest “Dinamo”. The fight will take place in Vitebsk at the stadium of the Central sports complex, beginning at 18:00 Kyiv time.
Teams are placed in standings, after four rounds, having scored 7 points. However, it should be noted that the last 4 meetings of these sides ended in favor of “Dynamo”. And “Vitebsk” has won the team from Brest for the last time in 2016. will the “northerners” to stop this unpleasant episode? See together!
Our website will have live text commentary of the match “Vitebsk” – “Dinamo Brest”.


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