Vietnam example: how a poor country was able to repel the attack of coronavirus

Pandemic coronavirus has led to the fact that health systems of most developed countries are in fact working at the limit, although in advance in each of these States were preparing for the upcoming crisis.

But what happens in countries that are significantly limited in resources to deal with such situations as lack of medical personnel, or the inability to provide mass screening of the population?

The example that gave the world Vietnam, has received deserved international recognition, refutes the initial predictions that these countries do not expect anything good except a terrible pandemic, ruin and devastation.

Vietnam belongs to the cohort of the poorest developing countries, where quality of life still increased significantly over the past two decades. From 2002 to 2018 economic transformations in the country have helped more than 45 millions of Vietnamese to escape poverty.

The health of the nation has also improved and life expectancy increased from 71 years in 1990 to 75 years in 2015.

Despite the fact that the healthcare system in Vietnam is also undergoing positive changes, statistics show that the country is still acute shortage of doctors, 8 physicians have about 10 thousand population, which is very small in comparison with countries such as Italy and Spain, where a similar number of people can count on an average of 41 specialist.

Unlike other more developed Asian countries, Vietnam has the capacity to conduct mass testing of the population on the coronavirus. For example, in South Korea, had been diagnosed more than 330 thousand people, and at the end of March in Vietnam, the figure was only 16 thousand

To date in Vietnam was 245 cases of infection with coronavirus, with the country not a single death, and 106 patients were able to recover and return to normal life. Against the background of global situation, the data seen absolutely unreal.

The first steps in slowing the spread of infection in the country began on 1 February, when all flights to and from China have been cancelled, and schools in Vietnam are closed. Two weeks later, authorities announced 21-day quarantine in the province of Vinh Phuc, North of Hanoi, as there was a suspicion that the workers returned from the Chinese Wuhan, was able to bring into the country the virus.

Precautions in Vietnam continue to operate to this day. All arriving in the country isolated for 14 days. In addition, the monitoring of all patients with respiratory diseases, as well as contact persons.

“If in some region will be the person with symptoms of coronavirus, the neighbors will tell the authorities about this,” says Truong Huu Han is head of the division of infectious diseases at children’s hospital of Ho Chi Minh city.

Because Vietnam is a country with one-party system and a well organized military service and the state security service, the authorities managed to quickly make a decision on immediate implementation of the measures. Among the population there is a high level of control over each other, whereby the neighbours have to inform the authorities about all cases of suspicion of violation of the law.

Vietnam is also imposed high fines that threaten anyone who is spreading fake news about the coronavirus. To date, the country has been punished more than 800 people for spreading false information.

Of course, this approach may not work in a more democratic society, but with their minimal medical resources Vietnam managed to contain the spread of coronavirus. Even if these measures are not much different from other countries of the world, this small Asian state is unable to cope with the pandemic in their own way, proving thereby that the predicted collapse of similar countries is nothing more than a hasty fantasies minded analysts.


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