Victory Geydzhi impressive. But in the battle with Habib will be different

Justin gave a great performance, smashing the outright favourite in the matchto which he has had less time to prepare. Now he’s the interim world champion at lightweight and the main contender for fight vs Habib Nurmagomedov.

What happened?

UFC 249 – as a sign only of promotion during a pandemic. Dana white got out of the situation and ensured their fighters fights. Yes, without an audience, why will likely decrease the fee of the athletes, but to broadcast to the whole world in the period when the fans of martial arts and sports in General have nothing to watch.

Ideally, the main show was supposed to fight Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov, but after a series of changes, the organizers came to fight Ferguson against Justin Geydzhi. Initially the American was less than a month to prepare for Tony, but thanks to the Governor of California, which overturned the match in the first date Geydzhi have had time to prepare properly. And, apparently, he used it to the maximum benefit for themselves.

The match was one-sided. Especially after Justin was shot. From the third to the fifth round Geydzhi has enabled the destruction of the opponent. Ferguson just didn’t know what to do. Tried to beat the race, cheat punch in the thigh, but it looked hopeless because nothing worked.

Justin is worked from a distance, although the advantage of height and arm span was that of his opponent. Geydzhi took perfect timing and its advantages. He pulled on the opponent and attacked, constantly worked on his feet, as well as quality connected low kicks, knocking the opponent off pace. As soon as Ferguson was trying to break into the cabin, where he waited a short side from the opponent. They were so heavy that by the third round Tony’s face was covered with cuts, and he realized that, close range is not his.

From this situation, for Ferguson there were just a few outputs. The first is to play with Geydzhi in his game. To force Justin to go for himself to shoot from distance and try to catch. Coach Tony demanded from him the jab and as soon as include regular work with his front hand, Geydzhi missed a beat. But these episodes was so small that to mention it as a constant trend, just not worth it.

The second break in the fight. Ferguson is good enough in the pit to count on success there. Tony spat on this venture and didn’t even try to organize it. The fifth round of the American just went for an opponent in circles, bumping into a hard counter, and as he tried to pounce Geydzhi included feet, after which he seized the initiative and pressed.

The result is obvious. Tony, of course, made of concrete, but even he could not withstand heavy and regular contact Geydzhi. In the fifth Justin began to charge unaffordable and often painful. Tony turned back once, twice. Got another one, and the referee gave the go-ahead. Enough.

Ferguson Geydzhi so bad or so good?

In fact, a little bit of everything. Justin really squeezed the most out of the time that he had. Having a little more time to prepare, Geydzhi have relied on endurance and not lost. His plan for the fight is simple: to be calm and focused on the opponent and not to succumb to provocations from the opponents. Worked on the counter, went the distance. Tucked, punched and left immediately.

Just in words, but in the octagon with a fighter as diverse as Ferguson, making this difficult. Tony is able to show one action, to make the second to lead to the third. In such situations, the main thing – not to be angry, and do not play by his rules. Geydzhi was able to work quietly on your own thing and prepare to go five rounds, not the Charter.

On the other hand, was absolutely monotonous Ferguson. And here’s the problem, rather, not in the splendor Geydzhi, but in the fact that Tony does not know how to relax. The fact that he trains, and the known. But it is very important to dispense and load, and to understand why to do a particular action in a particular situation. Seems that Tony psychologically burned.

Not in the sense that he came not motivated, and that he was just tired mentally from a long training. Before the match there were concerns that Ferguson pericranium and will not be ready for all hundred percent. For some reason he dropped weight to a previous date, provoked at this Geydzhi and clearly burned with a match.

I do not want to dismiss the merits of Justin. It worked perfectly in this particular situation. But it is important to understand that Ferguson didn’t show all what he’s capable of. Even with all the diversity, it was clear. His attack was repeated, and Geydzhi counted Tony a few steps ahead. He tried to fight it, just played by the rules of the opponent and did not see where he brings the opponent.

It is unlikely that the coach had no plan to fight, but whatever the plan was, if the soldier burned psychologically and after one or two strokes doesn’t understand what to do next, nothing will. With Ferguson’s what happened. He lived for fight with Habib and Geydzhi just a few weeks before the fight and came out completely empty. In the octagon to the opponent, which was very good and targeted.

What’s next?

Tony is definitely not the end. Ferguson will be back, but now he needs to rest to heal the injury and did not train some time. Need to let go, to drop the fighting and just live a little happily. Then back to the hall ready to return to the encounters. Even in this battle, Tony was quite varied and good. Just need to relax and go to the title again.

Even the fight with Habib still real. Tony is extremely healthy and a good fighter to 2-3 of the fight to regain lost ground. The ideal option to get back with the easier opponents, and then to meet Conor. And interesting battle, and Ferguson will be the favorite in this match and show the Grand.

Geydzhi now have to meet with Habib. Nurmagomedov has already declared that he is ready to fight with the American, and estimated time – early-mid summer. But this fight is not as interesting as a duel between Tony and Habib. As strange as it may sound.

Geydzhi – steep, but on the ground with Nurmagomedov, he is unlikely to last. There is hope for heavy blows, but does Habib worse than Tony? Unlikely. But down will put the opponent exactly. And that’s where Justin’s gonna be trouble. Not the fact that I would not have started from Ferguson, but there is more hope than in this case.

In any case, this fight will be interesting and intriguing due to the fact, it is now revealed Geydzhi and its force of impact. If you fall just right, could create another sensation. No – to the third-fourth round Nurmagomedov just twirl it in his manner.


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