Vibrobots Feelbelt will give unusual tactile sensations any games or movies

Tactile feedback is a very popular technology, especially in the entertainment industry. Controller almost every gaming console released in the last 20 years, has some form of vibration. And now German startup Feelbelt launches the sale of the eponymous device that gives tactile dimension to games, music and movies. All he needs is any device that uses sound waves.

Feelbelt is a belt with 10 pulse generators that vibrate to the beat of the music or sound. The gadget can reproduce frequencies from 1 Hz to 20 000 Hz. The sound can come from any wireless source via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or through a standard 3.5 mm audio Jack. While Feelbelt able to reproduce the signals from the surround sound systems. This means, for example, that heard in the game steps back, you feel a vibration in the rear.

Battery Feelbelt enough for six hours of work, they are recharged through the USB port-C. the Companion app allows you to configure the vibration intensity and select the desired presets – e.g. music, movies or games. The device has a universal size and is suitable for all users.

Currently Feelbelt raising money on Kickstarter, the price of belt for early adopters is $ 215. Retail price will rise to $355. The developers have already collected the required amount, and supplies the first Feelbelt should begin in September of this year.

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