VERNIDUB: “we’ve Scored four goals – respect guys. They become men”

The head coach of the Soligorsk Shakhtar Yuriy Vernidub at the postgame press conference after a crushing victory over the “Isloch” (4:0) in the match of the 7th round of the championship of Belarus has told:

– For ten days to play three games hard, I knew it. Plus, almost the same composition it did. I did this specifically so that the boys were more played. Plus, watch the age of the team today. It was clear that “Isloch” is a very good team. Can it say only words of praise, even though they lost 0:4, but the team has a good football plays. Most importantly, we today have played, dismantled a good opponent, the attacks that are carried out through the flanks, we had great. Plus, he scored four goals – respect guys. They become men.

– Tell how serious the injury the Palitsevich and Luluku?

The palitsevich tomorrow will do an MRI. He had severe edema, and in these circumstances make sense to do an MRI there. Tomorrow already know. Luluku tomorrow will train.

– Is it true that Palitsevich a ruptured cruciate ligament?

– Can’t confirm. I will know tomorrow. I hope to “slip”. Maybe the meniscus. And what is it now? Max – a month or two to three weeks. Knowing Palitsevich is a fighter to the bone, the more he has problems with his knees have never been, I hope for the best.

– The Lisakovich five goals in last three matches. As you found with him? Everyone is talking about his difficult character.

– There was nothing special… listen to what they say about the man, but it is better to see with your own eyes, converse with him more. We are on the right track, and I hope that we shall get off. Acne is a talented and classy player. The fact that he is now confirmed on the field – I respect him. Don’t want a lot of praise.

– You had to talk with him? Was there some conversation?

– We talk all the time. You know, he is a serious guy. I don’t know why on it so all told. The most important thing – he can’t impose something that is not necessary. He’s already a grown man, he has a wonderful family, a daughter. I can only tell in the game plan, everything else is his life. I have no right to interfere in the life that it holds. I hope he holds it right in terms of professional attitude to football and nothing else does.

– The team a few days ago played, but today was perfectly prepared physically. What is the secret?

– To be honest, we were physically today, not very “Isloch” was fresher. But the fact that we survived the pace and rhythm is great. I think that’s what we have laid on two training camps in Turkey. And everything else – then we are on the right track and the work that we offer the boys, we executed it properly. And listen guys, do my thing, come out and fight.

– At the same time today there were a lot of slides. What is the reason? The pitch had been watered too much? That was a bad cleats?

– I think watered abundantly. Maybe we need to cut the grass just below – she is a tall. Although, I also thought that the boys play “kopachka”, but they all came to using boots with six studs. Plus, it was slippery on the flanks and in the centre was, on the contrary, dry. There is a small problem with the fact that the flanks well filled, and the centre is dry.

– If to speak about the flanks, to the left everything was great, and the right had Ivanovic. You just changed.

– Let’s start with the fact that he missed two training camps and practically did not train with the team. Now he was in a period where the game–game–game. And it all matches played from start to finish. I meant for him to feel this burden, knowing that you have experienced Balanovich, which at any moment can lead to the exit. Which he did.

The fisherman and Janusz winter has left Shakhtar. You are a little nose-dived each other through the media. Communicated today?

– I did not say anything about Janusz and Fisherman. I have a habit of players not to say anything. This, they said something about the club – it is their right, they are adults. But I believe that to throw mud at the club is wrong. Also tomorrow I can leave the club. I then say that all are bad, but the one I have good? I never, ever will. I came to the club, signed the contract and work – I have to respect this club. And even if I do not renew the contract, I also have to respect the club and appreciate what I have here worked. We’re adults, we choose its path. It happens all. The contract broke – for God’s sake. Shook hands and left people. I in any interview didn’t say anything bad about Kolya and Pasha Janusz Rybak. Pasha I wanted to leave, but he chose “Isloch”. He lives in Minsk and wanted to be closer to family. I shook his hand and wished him the best of luck and health.

Together with Lisakovich it’s great to look antic.

He and last year looked good. It is, no matter what anyone said, one of the best wingbacks of the championship. I hope that we have the right and the same will emerge (Vukmanic). He was 21 years old and all data to develop yourself is: speed, desire is all there. The most important thing is not to stop and develop. While we are on the right edge there is Igor Burko, whom I also greatly respect and appreciate because he is also very much useful work does for the team.

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