Verge, the Finnish company started to sell the bike with the rear wheel betselem

Finnish brand Verge has opened pre-orders for the new conceptual model of electric bike. It was first presented in the form of a design prototype in 2018 called RMK E2, but have since received the designation TS. Together with the previous name disappeared some features, like the dashboard in the form of a tablet.

But, there are the main distinguishing element of the new bike – in the center of the rear wheel has no axle and spokes. Instead, TS is used to mount the Central hollow wheel to the frame, and slides between the main wheel tire, which drives the actuator.

Electric motor power 80 kW, torque up to 1000 Nm, which ensures the acceleration of a 200-pound bike up to 100 km/h in slightly less than 4 seconds. Battery capacity is unknown, the developers are talking about 200-300 km confident drive, and then needs 4 hours to charge the device from a standard wall outlet or 50 minutes if you use fast charging. Other technical data is not reported.

The cost of one Verge TS is $27 thousand, for pre-order you need to make at least $2160 and then in early 2021-th you can get your bike. Production will start at the end of this year.

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