Updated microdom Ecocapsule easier and much cheaper

Ecocapsule (Ecocapsule) – the creation of the Slovak startup Nice Architects, was presented for the first time in 2015, and its final shape was formed by the year 2018. This microtomic egg-shaped, suitable for Autonomous living outside of urban infrastructure. For adherents of this style is now available a cheaper version – Space (the price of the first version Accapadi – us $ 88,000) without some of the frills.

The dimensions of the Space Ecocapsule remains of 4.67 x 2.2 m (useful area of 8.2 sq m). New elements should include a white fiberglass shell. The entrance to ekokapsula is a small sliding door.

Standard equipment includes flooring and small storage room. As additional options are bed, air conditioning, compact furniture and a small shower. The interior Space Ecocapsule has become more simple so that it is suitable for travel, the capsule may also function as additional rooms, office or other premises.

Power supply for Space – solar panel with power 200 W, mounted on a small telescopic pole connected to the battery. Also Ecocapsule can join the conventional electric network.

Price Ecocapsule Space starts from 55 000 dollars. Shipping is available worldwide.

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