United States to develop an agreement for the extraction of minerals on the moon without Russia – media

The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is developing a new draft international agreement on the extraction of resources on the moon, said may 5 the Agency Reuters citing sources familiar with the process of preparation of the document.

The project, called Artemis Accords, the US plans to cooperate with Canada, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and several European countries. Their administration considers trump like-minded in the matter of mining on the moon.

Russia, which is the main partner of the us space Agency NASA on the International space station, not planning to involve in the project, found the Agency. The Pentagon believes the maneuvers of the Russian satellites in earth orbit is hostile.

The agreement provides for the establishment of safety zones around future lunar bases. They need to prevent interference or damage from the competing countries or companies operating in the vicinity.

In addition, as reported by the source Agency, the agreement should establish the basis for ownership of extracted resources on the moon.

The interlocutors Reuters noted that the question of territorial claims on the moon is not. Security zone, the size of which will vary depending on operations, will allow to coordinate the actions of countries – participants of the program. The source explained that if one of the partners wants to get closer to the base of another country, then he will need to inform, consult and find out how it can be done safely for everyone.

The agreement received its name in honor of the lunar program NASA “Artemis” (Artemis). In this program , NASA is investing “tens of billions of dollars”, said the Agency. In 2024 NASA plans to land on the moon for the first time since 1972. To 2028-mu space Agency is going to equip the satellite Earth stationary base.

In 2015, the U.S. passed a law that gives companies the right of ownership for the resources that they mine in space, but in the international legal field such laws do not exist.

In early April 2020, trump signed a decree in support of commercial exploitation of resources on the moon and other celestial bodies, reported the press service of the White house. In the document it was said that the space legally and physically, “is a unique space for human activities”, and the United States “does not regard it as a universal domain”, so the policy of the country should be aimed at promoting international support for the production and use of resources in space.

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