Underwater expedition opened 30 new creatures – including the longest animal on Earth

In this decade, man will go to Mars or just next, a moot point, but we are 99.99% certain that no new life did not find. As well as the moon – therefore, some of the most exciting and interesting discoveries are still to be done here on Earth. Scientists and adventurers of the future a huge space to work – the underwater world is still full of secrets and a recent scientific expedition as a good example.

The expedition was conducted by scientists from the Western Australian Museum, University kertina, organization Geoscience Australia, SCRIPPS institution of Oceanography and the ocean Institute Schmidt. They studied the Western part of the Australian continent, in particular, to explore the underwater canyons of the Ningaloo to the Indian ocean. There were two dozen dives, work under water lasted more than 180 hours.

Principal investigator became an underwater robot SuBastian, who first found a giant red hydroida height of more than 1 m (pictured above). The robot found as already known creatures that could never have expected to see in this area of the ocean, and entirely new organisms. And not a couple of pieces, and a huge number – in this expedition, scientists have described three dozen new species, others were postponed until the next visit.

One of the most amazing discoveries was the discovery of a giant siphonophore of the family Apolemia (pictured above). It is a complex organism-a colony consisting of millions of individual Zohidov. Found SuBastian of siphonophora had a length of 47 m, which officially makes it the longest animal in the world. Long just some trees, coral atolls and mushroom, but the largest animal on Earth the blue whale is only 30 m in length. Scientists believe that in the depths of the ocean hides many strange and unknown creatures.

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