Ukrainian strongmen have rozpoczeli season national championship

Through the pandemic COVID-19 strongman Federation of Ukraine, Yak poczatkowo priznachena holding the championship on kinets quina, zmuchena Bula be called a few more RSV perenesite zmahannya through zaostrene Ademco situac. Brest, on July 4 became the date dovgotchkun cob of the season, which, by using Adamu coronavirus bude uscany, however grown turne all are zaplanovano to spend.

From 2014, the OFS to conduct a national championship three of wagovich categories – Prime scho extend us skladno, Tsey format wyznaczonego zmahannya season zalishivsya nezmeni.

Category up to 95 kg

Quarantine zavadiv in atletu pdicy to zmahannya in optimalni form. Scamo, Cindy champion of Ukraine Mykola Vasilyuk, Hoch I prehow to the championship, however the Yak mentor their colleagues-zemlak. Another Luv Janine Roman Grzelak (champion 2018 rock) rozpocza zmahannya iz Peremogi uprav “Super-yoke”. However vzhe nastupna discipline – “Log-lift” (number on pdiow) – showed, that the novel is not sale to konkurenz uprodovzh vs distant the championship. He Grizelj SANASA, scho pid hour pandem technically not MAV features of provoditi trenomania. Vidtak, wbmovies from prodovzhennja to you on Campanet, Grizelj all are realsave sviy the brainchild of the head. Separate from Salco championship, Roman ustanovil record of Ukraine have uprav “Dumbbell “Damam” to the max”, safaa 95 kg (papered desagana have nalezalo Uzhgorod to Oleksiy Maltsev – 93,5 kg).

For vastnet CLO cohort of vinnana avtoritetu najlepsza vagoo categor (the Wasiluk, Maltsev, Grachova, Postovskogo, Nastenka) help our defenders the chance spawn christavia Vasil Oleynikov zi Steppe scho on Hermansen. Migrasi three disciplne z n Yachi, and two NSA pensavalle trem, Vasil zabezpecit sobi soldno pdamage Periago 5 point I realseal Miu skin athlete – become the champion of the country! Those W sama mozhna skazati th about Volodar srno bronzova nogorod – George Duval from Stria, that on Livin Oleksandr Blockone s Blo Church (Kyiv region). Hloptsi Perche Panelist on the podium of the national championship, zdobuvachi nivis Danian at the time mabl have their car RAH. I now nastupnogo season vdst favorites already dovedetsja povernennya to fight for their regalia.

Category up to 110 kg

I have functions of vagova categor the meeting place of the champion Bulo vacantism. Minulosti triumphant Yuri Ogonowski from Lviv to Tarasov “supertags”. Smoothly say Chi Samer s for this reason reason TRIGA the “average” strongmens was Villa naybilsh swirling: the struggle for “gold” y “bronze” trival to zakljucno right. Migrasi pers DV discipline, lberto from the start sahapov VCE champion the rock view from the past Andrew Dmitrev iz Sum. However after tsogo patogeni “comeback” Zdislav of dvorzoviy champion of the world Wtli Gerasimov z Dnipra. After two wygranych right key popl Gerasimov korotev vastapane from Dmitrov to 2 point. Share championship virtualise the “Kantutan pokryshki” the Vaga 360 kg – two concurenti slagalica on Susan goricah. The lags up to “gold” aviavilsa Silencio 34-ronago Gerasimov: Wtli ustanovil last record from Ukraine tions vpriv (6 Oberto per of 20.84 seconds) and virungas s Andrm for points in General Salco. Gold nagaraju I povernennya camponeschi title Yakima Wtli Gerasimov valodu 5 years, dnepryany have subespecie blsa number swith in okremih the right – three against two of the native resident of Sumy. Andrew Dmitrev udruge popl STA srvnam winner and unlikely Yom Chi Varto samokovlija, after he stable demonstra visok results. And snagi can dodati that fact, scho th legendary litovtsy of Zydrunas Sackas svogo hour nazivali “vcno others”, already pokey VIN is not staged brazuca peremozhne series iz trumps on Turner World Strongest Man.

Also have functions of vagova categor it is worth noting th a struggle for “bronze”. Kiyanin Andriy Kaszubski, that torch utrativ zakljucni upraw not lachey potocna the first meeting place, and the second is whether Yak iz Mogilevich medals, tsogo once did zdorov first have their car R a bronze nagaraju national championship. After “Cantavenna pokryshki” Kaszubski typing odnakovu number of points z minulosti the Volodar third msca by Eduard Oganesyan s Harkin, ale zagalnu Peremoga gianino have zabezpechiti wish msca in okremih the right to have porven s competitor.

Category over 110 kg

And the y axis “supertags” on vdmo od dvoh poperedni categories, CINDI champion, I znovu Luv Yanin, Pavel Cardiaca (torc championship zavershilsya clavatum triumph luvsick school strongman) prehab sahamati svy title. Sauvagine scho nezmeni Volodar title “Nisrine person of Ukraine” kiyanin Oleksii Novikov for the second year popl to come to the national championship in RAL padaca. Tsogo once the reason for her pagatavo to the prestigious Europe’s Strongest Man, scho budesa 8 August in the englishiyskyy LDS.

Vidtak, Yak I torch for vastness of Alexi, Pavlo MAV not godnic trunews on campionat Ukraine, migrasi three to the right, and also in adni (dumbbell “Dmbl”) rozdolivka perst s Oleksandr Kochergin z Chernivtsi. Becoming the champion of Ukraine-2020, Pavlo Cardiaca zdorov right predstavljati Ukraine on CHempionat world Wednesdays “supertags” scho budesa in Uzbekistan.

Only hto SMG vdet Peremoga have Cordage in okremi disciplin – 22-rcni Bogdan Senchuk, kotri just “Formuli” vidcast probg s “Super-Yoke” (of 9.38 seconds scho lachey 0.19 povline seconds from the national record Oleksiy Novikov). By the way, Ksenchuk, yaky becoming vakrita view from the past season, on this showing Campanet scho Yogo character SMTN I baked borotba already not vibia runt z-pid Yogo ng. Ksenchuk to ostannyoho borovsâ for “sriblo” z dovey Kochergin. GNU Ocho duel at zakljucni uprav “Tar-FLP” Virchow “photos FNS”: a veteran of anti-terrorist operation piperidin young nowacka 0.14 seconds! Vidtak Oleksandr Kochergin zdorov his chergova “sriblo” national championship, and Bogdan Senchuk vpershe have car R Susov on a bronze shadenko n Dascalu.

Not udasa minulina championship bronze medal winner mennike day Volodymyr. – inform. the. Z osogo seen, scho VIN, Yak I potezny another “heavyweight” Denis Bereznik s Justa, not sumv on Karantin navrati not those scho optimalno (” no NIN have zhodnogo athlete), and boday more-straight ahead, Ben smagala formation.

However pozitivnim je mere fact that the cob season. Uprodovzh lta strongman Federation of Ukraine held a number of pewno Turnov, in order MOBI formulate a rating ugboro on the head start rock – Turner “Nisrine person of Ukraine-2020”.

Oleksander GLIVINSKI

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