Ugis KRASTIŅŠ: “to Play in the Polish Plus League it would be interesting”

Today’s information is that two-time champion of Ukraine in Lviv club “the Bark-Kagani” applied for participation in the Polish Plus Liga, aroused great interest among the specialists and the Ukrainian volleyball lovers. The opinion already expressed by the President of the club Oleg Sheep.

We also phoned the head coach of Lviv to the Ugis Krastins, which continues to be in Finland.

– Ugis, if our readers this information was clearly unexpected, then you probably knew about this?
– Of course (smiles). But all the details ask the President of our club.

He has presented his point of view. And you I would like to ask about the gaming aspect. Agree?
– Please, no problem.

How useful for volleyball players “Sarcoma-Kazani” would participate in such a strong and prestigious tournament?
– I believe that in sports it would be very interesting. Polish Cup is very high level and therefore are sure to participate in it is useful for any team from any country. Let me remind you that Poland is a two-time and current world champion.

In a recent interview on the performance of our team last season you told me that the last stage of preparation for the European Championships in 2019 were conducted in Poland. Already there was talk about a possible participation of Ukrainians in the Plus League?
– No, no. Then we were focused on preparing for upcoming responsible tournament. But, of course, I drew attention to the conditions for preparation and what kind of room we were. We also played some friendlies with the Polish volleyball players. As for direct contacts and conversations with Polish clubs, our President Oleg Baran, as far as I know, takes them a long time ago.

Please tell us more, what’s your impression about the Polish volleyball?
– The most pleasant experience. In Poland, volleyball is considered one of the top types of sports and the interest is huge from the fans and from the sponsors, media and so on. Everything is very streamlined, built a magnificent sports facility, where the team played, and the volleyball is the real holiday show. For example, the club “Resovia” there is room up to 4 thousand places and they sell at the beginning of the season in year three and a half thousand season tickets. So you know that the hall there matches are always crowded. I want to remind you that in 2014 the opening match of the world volleyball championship in Poland was held at the football stadium and the game was attended by more than 60 thousand spectators.

The “bark-Kazani” played against Polish teams in various tournaments. What can you say about this?
You’re right, for many years in Lviv, held the “lion’s Cup” and the tournament is constantly come to the Polish team. We had “Radom” and “Resovia” and some other clubs. We also often went to the Polish tournaments, so already know each other. I remember that and Kharkiv Lokomotiv when he was the strongest club of Ukraine, also for several years conducted pre-season training camp in Poland. So that contacts of the Ukrainian and Polish volleyball have a long history.

And scores of Polish clubs your team has what?
– Different were game. The fact that, as a rule, it was a test match before the start of the season. In this regard, all commands are checked in the newcomers, tried different combinations on the court. It is clear that they are class above us, but they have a lot to learn and what to catch up. And to play in such a strong League should be good and responsible to prepare and to strengthen our team. Then we’re not going there are just tourists and benefit.

If, for example, will tell you that the “Bark-Kazani” this fall will start in the Polish Plus League, you have time to prepare the team?
– I think I’ll make it. But there is a lot of work, including with the strengthening of the squad. However, the situation with coronavirus may make major adjustments. A lot will depend on when Ukraine will be fully completed quarantine and are allowed to hold training camps. I now, for example, in Finland and after return to Ukraine, must pass a two-week period of self-isolation. The same applies to players who for different reasons could not stay abroad and were not able to return. Honestly I will tell You that just before our conversation, I looked like me to fly to Kiev, but found nothing. It is not so simple.

– Thank you, world, for your comment and wish success to the Lviv club in the upcoming season, no matter where you played.
– And thank You for calling. Let’s hope that next season the world will not be the same situation with the epidemic as at the end of the previous one. Love volleyball.

Interviewed by Igor ZARZYCKI

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