UAE to launch first Arab mission to Mars

United Arab Emirates is preparing to launch the first Arab mission to Mars, which is scheduled for the next few weeks. On 9 June, according to the BBC.

On the journey to Mars will take seven months, because of the need to cover a distance of about 493 million miles, the Probe will remain in orbit of Mars throughout the Martian year, 687 days. It will be equipped with three types of sensors to study the planet’s atmosphere.

The spacecraft was assembled in Colorado and shipped to Japan. It is a Japanese rocket and launch it into space.

At a briefing on Monday, the programme Manager Sarah al-Amiri said that the project should be a major incentive for young Arab scientists to start a career in the field of space.

The UAE already has experience in space travel. The country has already sent satellites to orbit the Earth and one of their astronauts to the International space station.

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