U.S. marine corps tests new long-range electropole

U.S. marine corps is testing a completely new weapon, striking the enemy an electric shock – SPECTER (Small arms Pulsed Electronic Tetanization at Extended Range). Its range is 100 meters. For comparison, modern tasers hit targets at a distance of about 8 meters.

The striking element is developed by a contractor for the U.S. Department of defense company Harking Dynamics can bistrilitsa shotgun 12 gauge.

The effects of the shot for the enemy are not fatal. Released from massive shotgun bullet equipped with a tiny parachute, which after disclosure reduces her speed by half. A meter away from the bullet throws three sharp dart with the electrodes, punching the clothes hit the enemy with an electric shock.

Experts warn about the possible consequences – without a parachute bullet can cause significant blunt trauma. In some cases, even penetrating wounds, and if hit in the head is not excluded fatal. An example of this – a serious injury of protesters in the US from rubber bullets fired by police.

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