TVERDOKHLEB: “there is No doubt that the Tendril has assumed commitments to the FSB”

A former world champion kickboxing and contender for the champion’s title in professional Boxing, 49-year-old Elena Tverdokhleb commented on the scandalous situation around the Ukrainian boxers Alexander Usik and Vasyl Lomachenko, who starred in the Russian film about Orthodoxy:

“Much more important than any futile in a practical sense, a verbal duel between the Grits and Moustache, is that finally, in the seventh year of war, Usyk and Lomachenko expressed their outrage and rejection of their collaborants attitudes and behaviours of thousands of fans. And, I even wonder active athletes. Because that’s what any Patriotic education in the Ukrainian sport has been lost is, unfortunately, a fact, the consequences of which we are seeing not only in professional Boxing, but in the Olympic sports. In them for a long period of time coaches and athletes is difficult to imagine how they will live and train without your favorite brothers from Russia.

Our sports leaders in fraternal relations with Russia and the Russian did not stop even the fact of military aggression of Russia as a state and as the Russian people against Ukraine and Ukrainians, Frank willingness of the Russians to destroy Ukraine and Ukrainians, than they furiously declared with TV screens. Disgusting, but still in the autumn of 2014 and in 2015, there was a discussion whether the Ukrainian team in biathlon, cross-country skiing and other winter sports to go to Russia on the charges together with the Russian team because they are friends. Our Ukrainian sports figures didn’t even stop the fact that the Russian athletes and coaches all of whom support the occupation of the Crimea, and urged Putin to seize Kyiv and Lviv, and to end with Ukrainian fascism, misguided Ukrainians actually sent to Siberia for reeducation.

So, it is the enlightenment a significant part of Ukrainians, I believe the main achievement. Although a significant part of the population of Ukraine just sits quietly under the slogan: no war, and they do not care to be an Independent Ukraine or not. The main thing is to not prevent them to meet with the Russian godfathers. And this is the main problem of Ukraine. While Ukraine will not overcome this crony relationship with the enemy, and communicate through the activities of the Russian Church in Ukraine, Ukraine will be in danger. How can you not remember Russian: “there would be No happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped”. In fact, Muscovy and Russian for the past six years have made more than any of the Bandera Ukrainian propaganda – which, unfortunately, almost was not – for the destruction of these dangerous for Ukraine and Ukrainian relations.

Undoubtedly, Usyk and Lomachenko deserve a place of honor in the basis of Peacemaker, because consciously went for this propaganda provocative action. Given that they are businessmen who made millions, it makes no sense to count them naive who volunteer began to destroy their own relationship with the fans. But the money they I’m sure did not pay.

Why, then, they went for such a risky reputation move? Yes, because it is an offer impossible to refuse. I have no doubt that representatives of the Russian special services, so the Ministers of the so-called Moscow Patriarchate, was in contact with Usyk and Lomachenko. The fact that the Tendril, after the occupation of Crimea, officially undertook certain commitments to the FSB, no doubt for anybody. In particular, I’m sure, and in the SBU. The Mustache on-to another simply will not work, while Crimea remains occupied. He and personal estate in the Crimea, and relatives in the Crimea real estate.

They were immediately put under the press, if Cirrus agrees to perform certain requests by the FSB. But Lomachenko, he’s most likely under observation, as the godfather. This does not mean, of course, that Mustache, taking with him Basil, tomorrow will pull the camouflage and crawl to mine fuel depot or ammunition depot. To do this, the enemy has other agents. This kind of media-hyped popular agents like Usyk and Lomachenko are used by the enemy primarily for propaganda and media Subversion. And the film is a concrete example of the use of such agents.

And so if you ask me, whether they are agents of the Kremlin, I will answer – Yes, of course. And no mass criticism of the fans will not stop and will not alter the Outlook Mustache or Lomachenko. Because it’s people who already made millions, and they have something to lose. And to deprive them of the joy of life can FSB. They’re afraid of the FSB much more than the fans, which they saw in the coffin, and all those who died for independence of Ukraine. Because it is not their war, they are for peace… for Russian world”.

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