TV show, no sports and walks with her daughter: Irina Shayk confessed, as they are with little Leah spend their quarantine

Days supermodel Irina Shayk has given a candid interview in which plainly told as conducting quarantine. During the epidemic Irina with her daughter Leah were isolated in new York and strictly adhere to the rules of quarantine, allowing himself only the occasional walk in the fresh air.

“New York turned into a Ghost town. All wearing masks, but more cheerful. I go outside when there are no people, lowered the mask and breathe fresh air,” he told the star.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Does, polirani Irina Shayk & Bradley Cooper (@_itsleeas) 7 Tra 2020 R. 7:54 PDT

And also admitted that despite the abundance of free time, she does not want to exercise. Irina even allows himself a lazy holiday watching the TV show. The only thing that allows the model to stay in shape — eating right: “I tried to do on Skype with his coach, but then said she won’t do it. Even my mom tried to do Pilates, but was hungry and decided to eat.”

In addition, Irina has shared fun facts about baby Leah. Thus, the model said that her daughter quite calmly accepted the quarantine and a new way of life: “She’s very bright. Knows what on the street go evil germs”.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Does, polirani Irina Shayk & Bradley Cooper (@_itsleeas) 7 Tra 2020 R. 10:16 PDT

Irina also spoke about a daughter’s love for stylish outfits that we just noticed in the picture the paparazzi during their walks together. Shayk shared, he does not seek to dress up the girl in the brands and often their outfits Leia picks herself: “Expensive things from our wardrobe is the gifts of friends. Leia loves dresses and often chooses what to wear”. All the fashionista mom!


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