Turkey threatened groups of Haftarot retaliation for the shelling of Tripoli

Turkey could strike at military units associated with the commander of the Libyan national army, Khalifa the Haftarot. This may 10 , said the foreign Ministry of Turkey.

“In Libya the illegal militia forces associated with the warlord of the Haftarot, recently stepped up its attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure, especially in Tripoli… These attacks on diplomatic missions including our Embassy in Tripoli, Mitiga international airport, prepared to fly civil aircraft, other civil infrastructure that have led to deaths and injuries among the civilian population, constitute war crimes. In this context, we reiterate that we consider the formation of the Haftarot as a legitimate purpose if they are directed against our diplomatic mission and interests in Libya,” – said in the message.

According to Ankara, 9 may support the Haftarot military fired at Tripoli more than 100 rockets and fired heavy artillery from civilian areas in the capital of Libya.

“The international community bears a collective responsibility to stop the coup Haftorah, which deals with his people, regardless of a child, woman or man, in the Holy month of Ramadan and the period of the pandemic… Turkey will continue to support the legitimate government and institutions of Libya to protect the friendly and brotherly Libyan people,” said Turkish Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Group of Haftarot is based in the East of the country. In April of 2019 she attempted to take control of Tripoli, but forces controlled by the national consensus government (NTC), drove the militia out of the city. According to data from the UN, just the result of military action in Libya to 2019, killed at least 284 civilians, most as a result of air strikes.

As noted by Al Jazeera, the NTC, supported by Turkey, and the Haftarot – United Arab Emirates and Egypt. Military support to the Haftarot has Russia, whose mercenaries are fighting in Libya.

26 December, the Libyan government officially asked Erdogan military aid, Turkey has started the redeployment of its troops. 8 January 2020 Turkey and Russia in a joint statement, called for the introduction of the ceasefire regime. The truce came at midnight on January 12.

On 13 January in Moscow began talks between Russia, Turkey and sides of the confrontation in Libya.

January 14, Haftar has refused to sign a truce with the government. And on 15 January the speaker of Parliament, sitting in the East of Libya, Agila Saleh in an interview with Al Ghad , said that the fighting resumed.

Army of Haftarot according to Anadolu, continued to shell various areas of Tripoli, despite the fact that March 21 was declared a truce to fight the new type of coronavirus. In response to the provocations of supporters of the Haftarot UN recognized government of Libya on 25 March announced the beginning of military operation “Storm world”.

April 29, Haftar announced the cessation of all military operations in Libya during the month of Ramadan.

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