Tsymbalyuk: Putin’s Rating will fall down

The rating of Russian President Vladimir Putin will fall. Such an opinion Ukrainian journalist, the correspondent of the UNIAN Roman Tsimbalyuk expressed “Facts” in the interview, which was recorded on 7 may.

“In any case, Putin’s rating will fail, because Russia is entering a zone of poverty and destitution due to the fall in oil prices. After all, oil is the basis for the well – being of Russian citizens, but the oil and gas industry constituent. So Mr Putin is unlikely now to be associated with the rising from its knees,” – said the journalist.

He believes that Ukraine has “too much importance is attached to the Russian ruler, while trying to relate them to the political system with the standards of the Western democracies.”

“First, it currently does not plan to hold elections. Second, the alternatives to Putin in the Russian Federation is not, because anyway in politics no one is allowed, although experts often talk about the struggle between “the Kremlin towers”. Yes, Putin’s rating has decreased, but it is still 59% support. For any leader of a Western state is a colossal credit of trust” – said Tsymbalyuk.

According to him, “I think planned two” of Putin’s inauguration.

“So don’t worry about its ratings. Remember the phrase of Napoleon III, became airborne: “no Matter how the vote goes, the main thing, as you see,” explained the journalist.

Putin holds the position of President since 2000 with a break in 2008-2012, when he was the head of the government.

In January 2020, Putin’s trust rating dropped to 35%, showed the results of the survey “Levada-center”. Over the past two years the trust rating of the President of the Russian Federation had fallen by almost two times – in December 2017, he was 60%, told “Vedomosti”. According to the head of “Levada-center” Lev Gudkov, the ongoing decline “due to the sustained irritation of the Russians and fatigue from the President.” The confidence rating continued to decline and in March decreased to 28.3 per cent – to the lowest in 14 years, said all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion, which conducted the survey. The approval rating of Putin above – at the end of April it was 59%, but it is also a historical low.

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