Trump said that the coronavirus is worse than pearl Harbor and September 11 attack

The US President Donald trump called the epidemic of the coronavirus infection, “the worst attack” in the history of the country. This statement he made on may 6 at the White house during the signing of the proclamation in honor of National nurses day, reports Fox News.

According to trump, this was not supposed to happen, the attack should be stopped “at the source”, that is in China. “This is worse than pearl Harbor. This is worse than [the attack on] the world trade center,” he said.

The White house added that despite the large number of deaths, prolonged quarantine will not be because “the country will not survive”.

May 3, trump predicted that from the coronavirus dies up to 100 thousand Americans. He has repeatedly accused China that this country is untimely informed the world about a possible pandemic.

7 Dec 1941 during the attack on the Japanese air Harbor pearl Harbor killed 2,403 men, as a result of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 had been killed 2977 people.

For data on 6 may 2020, in the United States from COVID-19 died 71 982 persons.

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