Trump is a racist, and for that his supporters are willing to forgive him for absolutely everything

Our black-and-white issue.

We have a problem. It is banal, black-and-white, old as the middle ages: among us, it turns out there are racists.

I must be finally lost faith in humanity, so every time when faced with a similar, say to myself “it can’t be!”.

When exterminating the Chechens in 1995 and 1999… When caught Georgians throughout Moscow in 2008… When Ukrainians killed in 2014… “can’t be!” – there is at least someone among the people reading and writing in Russian, who wholeheartedly supports the mass murder! It turned out that there are such people, and a lot of them.

Then come 2016 here in America. Our minority voted for trump, but somehow so tricky that he became President. He is a crook and a crook. He’s probably an agent of Putin and the Kremlin. That is, from Putin’s perspective he definitely recruited by an agent of the Kremlin. The question is, whether he considers himself an agent of the Kremlin, or has some other view of the nature of his relationship with Putin.

But now everything is not necessary to prove, because all the evidence four years makes us the trump. I wrote about this a lot, so I will not repeat. But of what did not write, from the latest antics of trump: extended at the request of Putin pressure on Saudi Arabia and Mexico to reduce their production of oil and raising the price of oil (including gasoline, we in America in a time of economic crisis) and the invitation of Putin in September this year in the United States for inclusion in the “Big eight”, from which he was expelled in 2014, after the invasion of Ukraine and discussing with him eye-to-eye plan of Putin’s intervention in the November presidential election on the side of trump.

I think that Putin was very pleased with the results of the activities of the FSB 2016 to intervene in the U.S. presidential election and the destructive work done by trump during the years of his presidency. The greatest world power, which was the model of freedom and democracy of the civilized world, a reliable military ally, to protect NATO countries since the Second world war against a possible Soviet (Russian) invasion, proclaimed the Foundation of its policy of isolationism; rejected all its major allies (Canada, Mexico and Europe); dispersed private security services; compromised American press, which was for the whole world (including not-free) sample, followed by the stretch… and then there’s a coronavirus, and therefore unemployment is 15-20%, and an unprecedented budget deficit and the suspension of the economic life of the country… And the President, from which all that we hear is great, fantastic, nice and beautiful – when we have died more than 110 thousand people and still dying at 1,000 a day.

But now we are not discussing trump. Now we are discussing “us”. On the question of why you voted for trump, most of the “Russian immigrants” (introduce this term to all who came from the former USSR and Russia) responded: we are not for the tramp – we are against Clinton.

From January 2016 it has been almost 3.5 years. I don’t think that during this period, trump gained at least one vote of the electorate. I do not think, however, that he had at least one vote lost. According to a recent survey of conservative Fox network, only one category of voters support trump the most: white men without education – 57%. In all other categories had less than 50%, while white voters in General above 40%. In General, a lot. This is a serious support.

Clinton has not. And the support is there. So who do we have for trump and why?

Among my acquaintances on a wide range of no white people without education. All with higher education. There are candidates and doctors of Sciences. There are people reading and even writing. A list of my friends, unfortunately, from year to year is declining. Someone (“can’t be!”) supported the occupation of Crimea was removed from the list. Anyone that supports trump (“can’t be!”) – struck…

And now there was the next “can’t be!” another litmus test, allowing many to determine and many to erase.

Excited America, the demonstrations, the police, looting and broken Windows,… According to American concepts, it is not “protests” (according to some) and not “riots” (according to others). This revolution, which we are here more than half a century has not seen them (and never will see anything similar).

Is it by chance that this revolution came the presidency of trump? Of course not. This revolution trump was provoked, and completely intentional. He now adds fuel to the fire with every speech, every post on Twitter. Strategy – split. Tactics, a provocation. The only thing that remains in the deck standing at the head of the country’s sharper at any cost seeking to extend his stay in power for another four years. At any cost.

To incite the Republicans to the Democrats, police on the demonstrators, the army – on the people, rich – poor, white – black… And in the muddy water to win 3 Nov 2020 under the slogan of Law and Order.

Another obvious talent trump to speak the language of cattle, making cattle around the world with its faithful ally (with the slogan “redneck of all countries unite!”). Actually, this is quite a common language for trump. He knows no other. But it turned out (“it can’t be!”), this language satisfied all the Republican sector of the Senate and house of representatives, plus those 57% of white males without education, plus 40% with a tail of white educated, because…

Because the trump, himself not rising above the level of cattle, made their way to the White house very much on your level lowered, picking up on his camera and showing that he was now talking in a language is not just possible, but necessary.

I have always believed that to be racist is a shame. About how to be an anti-Semite. Of course, people are not perfect. We all have our flaws. But ugly not to love people for what they are… But because, even if you have such a flaw, it is not necessary to talk about it openly or to write, because it’s embarrassing. Well, of course, unprofitable. You criticize, judge, have to make excuses, to apologize, this isn’t what you had in mind and, in fact, not… and Vice versa.

So I thought, until a couple of days ago not read on the page of the historian Mark Solonin in Facebook amazed me the text from the “can’t be!”. Here is the text:

“White people at the expense of own forces and means, often risking their lives (storms, crocodiles, snakes, mosquitoes with the virus in the mouth), took lots and lots of blacks from Africa to the best (Yes!) country in the world. Now the descendants of the deported live in comparison with those who remained in Africa – in Paradise. And white does not even require African Americans money for the transportation! Why are you more?

PS Yes, the blacks worked in the US. A lot of hard and a bowl of food. But remaining in Africa (fortunately for our discussion, and unfortunately for them) was very much, they are all these hundreds of years, it is hard (and often starving) worked. The result? In America – USA and Africa – Gabon. Is it better understandable. Why? Maybe because whites in the United States added to the labor of plantation slaves something else, more valuable and even unique?

P. P. S. For very forgetful remind Jews:

the Jews anywhere, in any country in the world with looted shops and burned cars, “pogrom” is about something else;

the Jews in the Soviet Union fought for one right: the right to leave their historic homeland and not to burden local with their long noses, lisping tongues, the smell of garlic and the booths in which the Jews were fed to the Russian people; the Negroes in the United States is also fighting for the right to return to Gabon?

And last, the most important thing: everything said applies to any uh…who ate the freebies and permissiveness parasites, any skin color, nose shape, etc.”

I profanity do not use, since I don’t see the need. But in this case I sent our common friend with Corned beef this post with the comment: “In my opinion, Oh…he ate himself mark Solonin”.

Frankly, I thought that corned beef will just withdraw this post because it seems to be unprofitable and not fitting for an educated person to stoop to the level of medieval obscurantism and openly demonstrate their inferiority to the world. But to my even greater surprise (“can’t be!”) the post was left hanging, and comments began to pour in. And I will not be mistaken if I say that the overwhelming majority of them were from the “ready to subscribe under each your word.” “Can’t be!” – as usual I thought.

Feel in the vast minority, I sent the post Corned beef without comment several of my good friends. One of them I got a counter question: “And what do you do about this text do you think?”. From this question it became clear that my point of view on the text, Corned beef is not a priori obvious, so I wrote Corned beef in Facebook what I think about his text.

What am I writing all this… I don’t really want to debate on the theme that the Africans who were captured in Africa many centuries ago and in the cage was taken into slavery for many generations, it turns out, won his lottery ticket and had to pay for his passage to America. I just would like to point out that the protest movement in the United States, which we have witnessed, absolutely logical, absolutely fair, absolutely timely, because, as it turned out, among us (“it can’t be!”) do have racists who are not only not ashamed to talk about it, but relegating their texts to the language of the trump, trying to keep it “scientific discussion”.

I am opposed to “scientific debate” on the topic of why the genocide of the Jews is fair and justified. I am opposed to “scientific discussion” about why slaves should be grateful to slave owners. I’m sure there are other topics that I’m not ready “debate”, because I think it is a mockery of reason.

But one conclusion, it is important, useful and scientific, I finally made for myself. I understand where does this mass support trump people. They were white racists, not always recognizing it out loud. It is not those who are against Clinton. Those who follow trump, because he is also racist, and for that they are ready to forgive him everything.

Source: Yuri Felshtinsky / Facebook

Posted with personal permission of the author

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