Trump has distributed a video in Twitter with the racist slogan, but later it was removed

28 June the U.S. President Donald trump has posted on Twitter a video that contained a racist slogan, the newspaper reported The Washington Post.

The video was captured by a parade of Golf cars in a residential complex for the elderly of The Villages in Florida, which took place on June 14 – the birthday trump. One of the admirers of the President several times chanted the slogan “White power” (“white Power”), which is associated with the ideology of white supremacy.

In a tweet, which is now unavailable, trump praised his supporters. He wrote: “Thank you to the wonderful people of The Villages”.

According to The Washington Post, the tweet was available within 90 minutes, when the tramp left the White house to play Golf. Then the tweet was deleted.

Press Secretary of the White house Judd Deere said that trump is a big fan of The Villages, but “he had not heard the statements made on the video.” According to dir, the President saw a video of “huge enthusiasm from many of his supporters”.

Before trump has deleted the video, it was time to criticize even colleagues. The only black Senator, Republican Tim Scott said on air of CNNthat the President’s tweet was offensive and he didn’t have to publish it.

CNN noted that trump is fueling racial tensions in the United States throughout his presidency, but lately his rhetoric has intensified, obviously, thus the head of state wants to mobilize supporters ahead of the presidential elections.

Trump retweeted the controversial video amid protests that continue in the US for about a month. The demonstrations caused the death of an African-American George Floyd during police detention in Minneapolis. One of the police officers almost 10 minutes, I crushed his neck with his knee to the ground. According to the examination, Floyd died of strangulation. The protesters are against racism and police brutality.

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