Trump cheated on exams and suffers from psychological problems. The most important of the books of the niece of the President of the United States

The niece of the President of the United States Donald trump Marie trump released a book called “Too much is never enough: how my family created the most dangerous man in the world”. In it she stated that trump is suffering from numerous psychological disorders. The publication Politico acquainted with the contents of the book and published the main theses.

Trump cheated on the exams

Mary trump accused the President of the United States that he paid a friend to the one passed instead of the SAT test for admission to higher educational institutions in the United States. In addition, according to her, the sister of Maryanne trump often did for his homework in high school, which helped him to enroll at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sister trump called him a “clown” after he announced his presidential campaign

Maryanne trump Barry called his brother, Donald “the clown” who will never be able to win the presidency, after the announcement of the last of his nomination for President. She also said that trump has no principles and “the only time Donald went to Church is when there was a camera.”

Trump said that “barely knew” his daughter-in-law

At a family dinner at the White house in 2017, Donald trump said that not very well aware of her daughter Lara trump, although she was with the President’s son Eric trump almost eight years.

Trump suffers from many psychological problems

Mary trump believes that her uncle definitely has clinical signs of narcissism and can also suffer from antisocial personality disorder, and “long-undiagnosed learning disability, which for decades prevented him from processing information.”

Also, according to Mary trump, the American President suffers from sleep disturbance, due to the fact that daily drinking diet soda that contains caffeine.

Sister trump told him “leave your Twitter home” before meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN

Maran trump Barr called the White house in June 2018, to warn his brother about his relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN before he meets him. She asked trump’s Secretary to convey to him the following words: “Tell him his sister called little sister by the Board. Prepare. Learn from those who know what they are doing. Stay away from [former American basketball player who claims an intimate relationship with Kim Jong-UN] Dennis Rodman. And leave your Twitter home”.

Personality trump is a product of his relationship with his mother

The author suggests that the identity of the trump is determined by a weak relationship, which, according to her, he had in his childhood with his mother, also named Mary trump.

According to her, the Trama in childhood “suffered from the deprivation that hurt him for a lifetime”, and that he had such personality traits as narcissism and intimidation.

The father of the President of the United States showed anti-Semitism

Father of Donald trump, Fred trump, Sr. is often used anti-Semitic term “Jew me down” (literally means “to leave someone without money”), said Mary trump. Also according to her tramp together with his father received a lawsuit from the US government for discrimination against blacks in the 1970-ies.

Rough trump’s remarks about the appearance of women extends to his family

During the writing of his book “the art of the deal” trump often complained about women who don’t want to meet him. “It was a resentful list of women he asked out, but refusing, they immediately became the worst for him, ugly and fat [women] whom he ever met,” said the niece of the President of the United States.

Mary also wrote in his book that one day trump even made a rude comment about her Breasts, seeing her in a swimsuit. “Holy crap, Mary. You’re so Busty”, – he commented.

Trump went to a movie instead of going to the hospital when he died his elder brother

On the day when in the hospital died the elder brother trump Fred trump, and his sister Elizabeth went to the movies. According to Mary trump, no one from the family was with Fred in the hospital.

Mary trump, who is now 55 years old, is the daughter of the elder brother of Donald trump. Fred trump Jr., died in 1981 at the age of 42 from a heart attack caused by complications from alcoholism. In his book, according to The Daily Beast, Mary trump accuses his grandfather of Fred trump and the uncle of Donald trump’s involvement in the death of his father. In her opinion, suffered from alcoholism, the man did not pay the necessary attention.

Trump was elected U.S. President in November 2016, 20 January 2017 has been inaugurated. He intends to run for a second term. His main opponent will probably be former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, representing the Democratic party.

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