Trump acknowledged that the United States conducted a cyber attack on Russian “Troll factory”

The President of the United States Donald trump confirmed that in 2018 sanctioned cyber attacks on the Russian company “the Agency for Internet research”, known as a “Troll factory”. This was reported in the blog the journalist The Washington Post Marc Thiessen, who yesterday interviewed an American President.

In particular, trump answered in the affirmative to the question whether he gave the order to execute the attack.

According to the American President, the operation was a response to Russia’s intervention in the elections of the us President in 2016, and interim elections to the Congress in 2018.

He also said that his predecessor, Barack Obama, knowing about the Russian intervention, did nothing, as he thought that the election win by the former Secretary of state, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Thyssen recalled that WP wrote about the cyber attack on the “Troll factory” in 2019, but up to this point, trump has not officially confirmed that gave the order. Then the newspaper, citing senior officials, reported that the cyber attack was conducted on election day in Congress and was successful, as it led to the shutdown of the company from the Internet.

In October 2016 the United States government officially accused Russia of hacking into the servers of American political parties, and meddling in the presidential election process in the country. In December, the CIA concluded that Russia interfered in the elections to help the Republican Donald Trump to win.

“Online research”, known as a “Troll factory”, associated with a close to the Kremlin entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin.

On 16 February 2018, the U.S. Department of justice filed charges in the case of the intervention in the presidential election of 13 citizens of Russia and three companies, including Prigogine and his “online research”, “Concord Management and Consulting”, “Concord catering”. All defendants are charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States. According to the Ministry, the Agency bought space on servers in the United States and has registered hundreds of accounts in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using stolen or fraudulent U.S. documents, and fictitious Bank accounts.

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