Trudeau banned the possession of combat weapons in Canada

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has announced the introduction throughout the country of an immediate ban on the possession of offensive combat firearms, reported on the website of the Prime Minister.

In the register of banned introduced 1500 models of small arms. The owners lost the right to use, sell or import such weapons or their components.

Until April 30, 2022 Canada will be an Amnesty period, protecting gun owners from criminal liability; in particular, it provides an exception for indigenous people who use automatic and semi-automatic rifles for hunting.

The government will prepare a programme of repurchase of these types of weapons from the owners.

Addressing the nation on may 1, Trudeau said: “For many families, particularly indigenous people, a firearm is part of the tradition passed in generations. The vast majority of people use it safely, responsibly, with respect for the law – for work, sport, collecting, or hunting. But thatwould kill the deer, [rifle] AR-15 is not needed.”

According to him, the main purpose of assault weapons is killing as many people in the shortest period of time.

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