“Trautmann” – a film about a soldier of the Wehrmacht who became a legend of England

The sport was put on pause in the world, but that is no reason to forget about it. In a time when we are all locked in four walls, it’s time to reconsider, or rediscover for themselves good movies, including about sport. We continue our rubric “Kinosport”.


“I often felt that I have two hearts or one, but of two halves – English and German”.
Bert Trautmann

In our world there are many stories that can be easily film, without changing anything, but there are also stories that can be transferred to the screen seems problematic because of the extreme implausibility. History of Berta Trautmann of these. A simple German guy almost literally plan passed Crimea and Rome, a hundred could have been killed, but did not receive even a single serious injury, the already Mature age, broke into professional football and was voted best player of the championship of England, despite the hatred of millions early in his career.

Bernhard Carl Trautmann Bremen was born in an ordinary family: father worked in the port, was the First World, the mother was the daughter of a petty trader and worked with children. Burt couldn’t and didn’t want to get a good education – much more than he liked to chase the ball on vacant lots Bremen. Outstanding data allowed him to hit not only in Amateur teams, but in a structure that was arranged including competitions between young men – benefit of a new power quickly became interested in the development of the health of ordinary Germans.

The structure was called the Hitler youth, and Bert Trautmann gradually became a member of the German sports pyramid. He went out on the lawn just built the “Olympiastadion”: national competition of senior schoolchildren brabenec won the competition in the javelin and came in winners in run on 60 m, long jump and shot put. Bert was loved not only to play but to watch sports every weekend he was in a hurry to “Weserstadion” to watch and dream about playing for Werder.

And then the war began.

Fate Trautmann may not be the best, but explains very well how the Hitler regime voluntarily went to war to millions of Germans. Trautmann had as prospects for earning money a job either in port or in the army. Burt chose the second path, became first a machinist, then as a radio operator. Only trouble is: outstanding mental abilities at Bert’s was not the highest requirements of information transfer it is not consistent – and eventually went there where his current physique. In the parachute troops.

In the part where Burt began his service until the end of the war did not survive even 10% received – but behind Trautmann was probably an army of guardian angels. Three times he was captured – ironically, in the hands of the Soviet, French and American soldiers and three fled, most likely from being shot. Once at the house, the basement of which was Burt, the bomb was dropped, killing all who were above him, and Trautmann lay for three days under the rubble, but survived. Once for helping a friend he got three months in jail (among other things, Zhytomyr), and there he suffered an attack of appendicitis – but he had to help.

For heroism and outstanding devotion Burt was awarded the Iron cross first class, but, fortunately for all of us, ended the war in pow status. It took just near Bremen and as this city belonged to the British zone of occupation, very soon our hero was in a camp near Liverpool. Of course, for Albion the Germans had in the first place to work hard (specifically, Burt had to work a sapper), but its football team was in the camp.

Most interesting is that even just in the gate of Trautmann arose not at once. The perfect athlete, he initially played in a field, inside, and hit the frame of the “classical” way: the trauma was the athlete, Burt stood in the frame, and it was suddenly okay. Lucky, of course, that the local region was a fanatic, who tried to strengthen his Amateur team at any price: the boss “St Helens town” was not afraid to put it in the Foundation of the goalkeeper straight from the barracks of the camp.

Have Trautmann there was a wife, a child, there were idols. He followed Ted Sagaram – goalkeeper of “Everton”, the record which matches for the club remained until the nineties, even though six years of career was stolen by the war – and tried to adopt the best components of his game.

Remember that Burt studied radio operator? Thanks to this line in the biography, he developed a great reaction. He served as a parachutist? There is developed the jumping ability and athleticism. It since the childhood was engaged in sports? Have a sporty character. He became the best student of Germany in the javelin? Get amazing range and accuracy of the input ball in hand game. And, of course, the absence of fear in all game episodes – the man who hundreds of times faced death, could not be afraid of some joints.

But there is one “but”. You long to be happy for the former soldier, who played well on the primacy of the baths, but professional sports, even in the forties is another story. Most likely, Trautmann and would play the rest of your career for Amateur teams, if not the Typical City.

This nickname is not sahovski man city got for either love, or the ability to get into strange adventures: for example, he happened to fly from the highest League in the status of champion, and scoring in the season most of all. Legends of the bulls to Aguero and Toure – the Welsh miner Billy Meredith, who was revered as the best player in the world, or, for example, athletic-universal mark Woosnam, which, in addition to matches, participated in the regatta of Oxford and Cambridge. It is not surprising that such a club did not hesitate to invite a former soldier of the Wehrmacht.

If before Trautmann at the gate of an Amateur team almost nobody cared, then transfer to man city has caused twenty-thousand protest rally. In a country which lost 400 thousand people during World war II, hated the Germans for a very long time, and Burt had had to get used to shouts of “Nazi! Nazi!” at matches. They distracted him, however, there was no time: man city was the outsider of Premier League, and the goalkeeper had to save nonstop gate to leave the team a chance to neparastie.

How good was the shot of Trautmann? In 1956, the year he became the first foreigner recognized as player of the year – and more than twenty years, was the only player from the continent to be awarded this honor. Stanley Matthews called him the great Bobby Charlton – the best goalkeeper in the world. Witnesses say Trautmann the first goalkeeper of England who entered the ball into the ball into the opponents ‘ half – the “man city” in the example of the great Hungarians played bottom, and such assistance from Bert was very helpful. And it is at the debut in professional football in 25 years! It is difficult to imagine what heights would be reached Trautmann, if not for the war…

The match, which Trautmann will be remembered, was the FA Cup final-1955/56. Man city were cut rare chance to take a trophy game with Birmingham was good, and suddenly with the score 3:1 one on one with the goalkeeper came out Peter Murphy. The German asked the opponent in the legs, hit the ball and heard a terrible pain in the neck.

The coach was about to put the gate defender (substitutions did not yet exist), but Trautmann, realizing the importance of the moment, decided to finish the match. Through the pain, he performed a couple of difficult saves, received the Cup from the hands of Queen Elizabeth II, celebrated with partners win – but the pain didn’t stop. Examination the next day showed that Burt once again in the life of a miraculously survived: he had a broken cervical vertebra, and only a unique combination of circumstances saved his life.

Photo immediately after the victory. Trautmann and he still doesn’t know that his neck is broken

Trautmann has played for Manchester city for 15 seasons – he now is in fourth place in the list of guards of the bulls. In 1964, the year when Trautmann decided to end his career, all the best players the UK has expressed a desire to play in his farewell match on the left and Lowe’s, and Charlton, and Matthews. After retiring, Bert became a coach-the pilgrim: managed the national teams of Myanmar, Tanzania, Liberia and Pakistan, taught football the periphery of the basics of football. Already in his old age Bert started a Foundation named after himself, which he directed from Valencia.

In 2007, the year Bert Trautmann was voted the best player in the history of Manchester city, and three years earlier was probably the only person awarded the Iron cross and the order of the British Empire. Elizabeth II, where he was found after 48 years, asked him: “you still sore neck?”.


Surprisingly, such people are not worthy of the biopic during his lifetime, but five years after death (Bert died in 2013) on him decided to make a movie. The film “Trautmann”, in the Russian hire has received the simple name of “the shot”, came out of the budget: of course, curious to see what one of the roles of the second plan takes the actor who played Dudley Dursly in the “Harry Potter”, but stars of the first magnitude in the film is definitely not.

The first impression that leaves a film of extraordinary sense of taste. “The shot” came the ironic, good and life-affirming. When the head of the hastily formed British concentration camps Trautmann says: “If it were up to me you’d all lay in a common grave,” and Burt says: “I’m glad it’s not you”, it’s impossible not to smile.

It is also gratifying that the film was made with great love to detail. Trautmann talked a lot, wrote about himself – and it’s nice that the screenwriter and Director was born. Some details, again, seem implausible, but that does not cease to be true. For example, a large contribution to adaptation Trautmann in Manchester made by none other than the local Rabbi: the performance immensely respected Alexander Altmann in support of Berta changed the mood within the wider Jewish community of Manchester. This episode, Altmann publication in the newspaper, is provided as one key in the film.

Together it is difficult to argue that some episodes are too theatrical. It’s hard to imagine something more absurd than the resolution of the love triangle from Trautmann, his future wife and another contender for her heart with… a penalty (hero is a loser offers to determine the winner, punching a penalty, but Burt’s not even jumping, considering the very idea is insane). Needless to say, none of this actually was not – but as the plot twist is absolutely not working.

As usual, for the sake of attracting a female audience in “Trautmann” a significant part of the plot is devoted to his relations. There is a story to tell – Bert chose the couple is not none other than the daughter of the owner of his first team – but a lot of the scenes added by the scriptwriter of just yourself (of course, Burt was never in the details of his personal life no dedicated) and for the beauty of the moment. Because of this, many episodes of his career lit casual – about the same man city told very little – or just suwani.

And most importantly, what the film lacks is the absence of story about military life Trautmann. So, just in the second minute Burt is shown in the pow camp, and the whole film is dedicated to the only “island” stage of his life. This, of course, just in any gate – creators of the just went the easy way, not becoming to demonstrate service Bertha regime of Hitler.

The phenomenon Trautmann after all, lies in the fact that he at one point in life was killing people, and the second managed to earn the forgiveness of their relatives. Show just a good guy in the beginning of the movie insult and then love – trash. The film does not answer even one of the first questions that arise when reading the biography Trautmann: for what exactly he received the Iron Cross?

In General, theses “this story deserves the best” and “it is good that such a film was made” meant in the estimates of this creation to coexist, not displacing one another. Burt has done for the rapprochement of Germany and the UK than all the politicians, and to remove a failed film based on this story was almost impossible. Watch “the Keeper” nice, you could even say that he will appeal to the weaker sex and those who aren’t interested in football – but that does not negate the many important “but” hanging over this picture.

What we learn from history Trautmann? Of course, the deceased in 2013, the year the Germans were not saints. He signed up to the front, he served Hitler, he fled from captivity back into the German army and even as a player once attacked a referee in the room under the stands, being dissatisfied with the refereeing. But Bert, his whole life is a great example: while the person is alive, the point of no return does not exist. You can always improve and deserve not only forgiveness, but love.

Movie: “Trautmann”
Genre: biopic
Year: 2018
Sports: football
Evaluation Of “Kinosport”: 7/10

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