Tourists to the ISS will now be able to go for a walk in open space

Russian state Corporation “Energia” together with the American space startup Space Adventures plan to deliver in 2023, two space tourists to the Russian segment of the ISS, and during the visit, one of them will make a spacewalk.

The announcement came less than a month after a successful historic launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon company SpaceX, to deliver to ISS a crew of two American astronauts.

Candidates for space tourists will be trained before the spaceship “Soyuz” will bring them aboard the international space station. The one who will have to perform a spacewalk, will receive additional training, and the release will be accompanied by an experienced Russian cosmonaut.

RSC “Energia” them. S. P. Korolev and the Russian space Agency was already working with Space Adventures, bringing from 2001 to 2009 to ISS a crew of eight space tourists. The next round for the first time will complement the thrilling “walk” under the stars.

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