Top 5 robots that help to fight coronavirus

In the fight against the epidemic the best way – to resolve the contacts between people. In this humanity now help robots that take part of the important task in the field of medicine. Top 5 representatives of the world of machines that help to combat the pandemic.

1. Robot sanitizer UVD

A fully Autonomous mobile robot the size of a man. Using powerful UV light (UV-C) emitted over 360°, it clears the objects and space. Can run up to 2.5 hours, which is sufficient to disinfect 10 rooms. Kills 99.99% of bacteria, also very effective against viruses.

2. CloudMinds XR-1 (nicknamed “ginger”)

This humanoid robot, created originally for the role of the staff. The feature of the robot is that its artificial intelligence runs on a cloud-based 5G system updates the data every day and constantly learning. Now ginger lives in hospitals, and its purpose – patient care: measurement of temperature, food delivery and cleaning. And he’s able to brighten up the loneliness of patients in the wards to entertain the conversation or play.

3. ZoraBots James (James)

James – Autonomous humanoid robot developed by the Belgian company ZoraBots. It is able to scan the area to make up her card and move any items at the request of the owner. Used in nursing homes, so elderly people can contact their families via Facebook Messenger.

4. ZhenRobotics RoboPony

RoboPony – yellow six-wheeled robot courier. Able to work without recharging up to 12 hours and to travel at a speed of 8-10 km/h. the Accuracy of determining the place of delivery is 1-3 cm Accommodates up to 30 kg of cargo, which road carefully disinfected with ultraviolet light.

5. RoboKind robots4STEM

The last instance is not so much a robot, how software to simplify the transfer of children for home schooling. While the program does not even need a teacher – the whole process takes on avatar. Unfortunately, the list of subjects is still small – at the moment it is purely the direction of Informatics. Also, these socially-advanced robots are often used as part of the therapy of autism.

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